The end of coronabollocks
The end of corona bollocks

How the covid scam can be over in 5 minutes

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TL:DR version

By popular demand here is the TL:DR version . Please take the time to read the full post and watch my videos for substantiation. You will find it rewarding I promise.

a) We are all vitamin d deficient. The medical profession is lying to us about vitamin d to keep us ignorant, diseased and dependent on drugs and vaccines.
b) Among the many benefits of adequate vitamin d is the production of antimicrobialss made by our own bodies which will kill covid-19. In case of viral infection take a one-off megadose. (See my video for more details)
c) A high enough dose of vitamin c kills all viruses. You can only take so much orally without provoking diarrhea but you can take up to 150 grams or more intravenously in a 24 hour period without side effects. (Caution is needed in some rare diseases). Anyone who dies from covid-19 in an ICU has been murdered by a corrupt and ignorant medical profession.
d).Pandemic scares are used to control us and to get billions for the drug companies. They are hoaxes.

How to survive the clot shot
Many reputable experts (1) (2) believe that the goal of the conspirators who foisted the pseudopandemic on us is depopulation and that the “delta variant” is vaccine injuries. They think that those who received the gene altering interventions will all die within 5 years. I’m working on a video with some tips on how to survive if you have received the death jab. Subscribe to my rumble channel to receive the notification.

This is the 4th pandemic

orchestrated by the Rockefellers

Don’t drink the kool aid

  • The 1918 Spanish Flu: killed, worldwide – between 50 and 120 million people according to who you believe. It was started by an experimental Rockefeller meningitis vaccine given on an American army base.
  • The 1976 “Swine Flu Fiasco”.  The evidence for an epidemic was not just flimsy.  It was non-existent.  The frenzy was whipped up by corrupt insiders at the CDC.  Nelson Rockefeller was unelected vice president.  Coincidence?
  • The 2008 Swine Flu Hoax.  Orchestrated by corrupt insiders at the CDC and the WHO. It was a mild flu.

See more details and links to my videos about these “pandemics” further on.

The Rockefellers have always owned your ass.  Gates wants to take over like he did with IBM.

Now Gates has stage managed the covid-19 plandemic.  He has spent the last few years getting his ducks lined up.  Am I going to prove it in this article?  I don’t need to.  He has done everything in plain sight.  Reiner Fuelmich is slowly and meticulously gathering evidence for the prosecution.  See my article “Can Reiner  pull it off

Does covid-19 actually exist?

Some people say covid-19 is a fiction and point to the fact that there is no increase in annual deaths.  What is for sure is that the so called vaccine is highly dangerous as is the standard ICU protocol for acute infection.  Am I going to give you the evidence for that in this article?  Again.  I don’t need to. Others have done a better job than I can do.  Start by subscribing to Health Impact News.

The covid scam could always
have been over in 5 minutes


  1. A high enough level of serum vitamin d as first defence will prevent infection in the first place
  2. A high enough dose of vitamin c will kill any virus.

The Rockefelllers and Gates are so powerful that they have managed to suppress this information which if it was widely known would have ended the scam in five minutes!

See my video on the 2 natural “vaccines”  Jump to running order which kill covid-19 and any other virus and which are being suppressed by the evil mafia who orchestrated this scam.
Banned on youtube because the evil mafia has a controlling stake

How to get the Frankenstein/pharma  white coats and their globalist masters off our backs

What happens now is that we do not wait to be told what to do anymore. We all take 5,000 i.u.’s of vitamin d (healthy adults) 10,000 i.u.’s for the obese, over 60’s and those with  existing conditions. This will a) make us immune to covid-19 and any future virus pandemic hoaxes b) go a long way to putting most chronic diseases into remission or close to it. We can then tell the WHO, the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, the NHS, our “leaders” who are corrupt puppets, the Rockefellers, Gates and tutti quanti to F…. OFF!

Why Coronavirus is a scam

Coronavirus is a scam. We are all vitamin d deficient. We have all been brainwashed to believe that if we go out in the afternoon sun in summer and 3 rays of UVB light hit our skin we will instantly develop melanoma and die a horrible death. It’s garbage. Propaganda to keep us dependent on the Rockefeller drugs and vaccines.

The medical profession is lying to us

At least 10 ways to kill coronavirus

There are at least 10 natural ways to kill the coronavirus without side effects. Vitamin d and vitamin c are the most obvious. I give you full substantiation for these in my video. See underneath for why the Japanese are hardly affected by it.

The Chinese have it under control since March 2010

The Chinese had it under control in December 2019. Why? Because they were using high dose vitamin c intravenous in Emergency Rooms for acute infection. That’s why it’s no longer a problem in China. They posted up their Shanghai Experts Consenus Protocol on the internet in all the languages. Google have buried it but you can see it as inserts in my videos. The Chinese did not get the Rockefeller memo which says you cannot use any natural substance in medicine, only drugs. People who die from infection in ICU’s die from acute scurvy.

The reason Japan is little affected by coronavirus

Breaking news From Time. December 18: “… So far, nationwide cumulative cases remain under 200,000 and fatalities below 3,000—resulting in rates many times below those in the U.S. and Europe. This is despite the fact that Japan has one of the highest proportions of vulnerable elderly people in the world, and its coronavirus countermeasures have, in most cases, been mild….”

Fucoidan in shiitake “dashi” (stock) in miso soup

The Japanese all eat miso soup after every meal. It’s made with a stock (“dashi”) made from Kelp and Shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake contains vitamin d and the Kelp contains a sulfated polysaccharide called Fucoidan. It’s anti-viral, immuno stimulant and anti-inflammatory. See my video on the 28 health benefits of miso and how to make authentic miso soup in one minute.

28 health benefits of miso soup and how to make it in one minute

The Comparative Analysis of Antiviral Activity of Native and Modified Fucoidans from Brown Algae Fucus evanescens In Vitro and In Vivo  Krylova et al 2020
“…Thus, native and modified with enzyme Fucoidan have comparable potency against several DNA and RNA viruses, allowing us to consider the studied fucoidans as promising broad-spectrum antivirals….”

Sulfated polysaccharides effectively inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
Kwon et al 2020
“…Our results reveal that specific sulfated polysaccharides bind tightly to the S-protein of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro, which suggests that they can act as decoys to interfere with S-protein binding to the heparan sulfate co-receptor in host tissues3,11, inhibiting viral infection. …”

My miso video (make if. from scratch using authentic ingredients in one minute) :

17.22 immunostimulant

17.28 anti-viral


This vaccine made by our bodies kills all strains of the virus

A vaccine that our bodies makes under the right conditions naturally will klll all strains of this virus. Clue: it’s the reason that seasonal flu is seasonal and the reason the covid infections diminished during the summer and are now spiking. Yes – its UVB rays from the sun hitting our skin in the afternoon in summer and making vitamin d. The UK National Health Service is making up stories about how 2 rays of UVB hitting your skin will give you melanoma.  The NHS is a corrupt organisation  Newsflash: 90% of Melanomas are on the face and caused by dental x-rays. See my series of 10 videos on UVB and vitamin d.

The Rockefellers and their drug companies are maiming and killing us

We need an investigation into the corruption in medicine which has allowed this scam to happen. Medicine has been run by the Rockefellers for the past 100 years. Time for a proper investigation and a complete overhaul of the system. Make sure that the Rockefellers and their drug companies have no more influence. They are killing us. It’s as simple as that.

Enough of this  covid garbage

We don’t need the ridiculous social distancing that was used to prevent observers seeing what was happening at polling stations; We don’t need lockdowns. We don’t need masks. We don’t need mass testing and tracing. We don’t need quarantines. We don’t need mass vaccinations which are killling the elderly in much greater numbers than covid-19 (suppressed in the media) and  turn us into GMO’s with God know’s what long term consequences.

Those who die in ICU’s have been murdered!

All we need is for everyone to take sufficient vitamin d as a supplement. At least 5,000 i.u.’s. And high dose vitamin c intravenous for ALL acute infections which present to the ER (A & E in UK). Not just coronovirus infections. Anyone who dies in an ICU from an acute infection, dies from acute scurvy and has been murdered by an ignorant and corrupt medical profession who are “just following orders”.   Watch my video for full substantiation with medical studies

Time to investigate and prosecute those involved in this scandemic

How come I know this stuff and Fauci and Patrick Valance don’t? I believe that Gates and Fauci and Victor Dzau were involved in the manufacture and release of this virus. Time for a proper investigation. The WHO and the CDC are guilty of crimes against humanity. The medical profession are “just following orders”. They are ignorant and corrupt.

Corrupt Sociopaths in charge of social media have suppressed this knowledge

If social media was not censoring people like me the content of my video would have become common knowledge in an instant and people would have laughed at the Gates/Fauci/Rockefeller drug company show.

Make sure you take enough vitamin d. At least 5,000 i.u.

Covid-1984 is a scam like previous hoaxes

Covid-1984 is a scam like the 2 previous big pandemic hoaxes which were orchestrated by corrupt insiders at the CDC and the WHO. We are being controlled and manipulated by an evil banking mafia.

The medical profession are Rockefeller mafia soldiers

The Rockefellers and their cronies use the medical profession as their soldiers and they have controlling stakes in all the tech companies. The UN and the WHO are Rockefeller fronts.

The virus is man made

It’s common knowledge now that the virus was manufactured. If it was manufactured. someone must have intended to deliberately release it. All that was needed was a corrupt employee at the Wuhan virology lab. Did they infect an animal and put it in the wet market? We need to find out. As a matter of interest, the president of the National Academy of Medicine, a typical Rockefeller drug company front, is Victor Dzau a Chinese American. He is also on the boards of all the Global Public Health mafia fronts together with Gates and Fauci.

Watch my videos on the 3 previous big “pandemics”

The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic was caused by a Rockefeller vaccine! It started on a US army base. The Rockefeller vaccine was definitely the cause of the pandemic in the US and UK. Was it the Rockefeller vaccine which caused the pandemic in Spain which started in the Madrid garrison a couple of months after the US pandemic started or was it a homegrown Spanish vaccine? (Support me on subscribestar so I can give up my day job and devote the time needed to find out) The French and the Germans were also mass vaccinating troops. All of these vaccines were extremely dangerous because they were produced in horses. No-one knew what a virus was in 1918. See my video which substantiates that the population all had sub clinical scurvy at the time. After the Ludlow massacre Ivy Lee taught the Rockefellers how to use PR to manipulate us and they learned that they would have to control the media in order to get away with their crimes.
The 1918 Spanish Flu

The 1976 Swine Flu hoax was orchestrated by corrupt insiders at the CDC The evidence was not flimsy. It was non-existent!. That one only cost the US taxpayer 800 million dollars in today’s money. 500 people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. Paralysis to you and me. 20 million vaccinated before they called a halt. I think it was a dry run for the later hoaxes. They found out that we are all suckers and that they could get aways with it.
The 1976 Swine Flu Hoax

The 2009 Swine Flu hoax was orchestrated by corrupt insiders at the WHO this time. Corrupt insiders who had worked at the drug companies which eventually made the vaccines changed the definition of a pandemic to declare it one. Four different vaccines – four different crippling, lifelong diseases. Some deaths from the Canadian GSK vaccine from anaphylactic shock minutes after being jabbed. Narcolepsy from theUK GSK vaccine. 10 billion dollars banked by the drug companies for that one. Slight inflation since 1976 where they found that they could get away with it. So the Covid one will cost us hundreds of billions! You couldn’t make it up. The next one will no doubt cost us trillions for a vaccine. Unless we wake up!
The 2009 Swine Flu Hoax

Don’t let yourselves be manipulated by these crooks. No-one has to die from covid-19. Watch my 2 videos on vitamin c and vitamin d that kill covid-19

The 2 natural “vaccines” which kill covid-19: Content

Running Order

Banned on youtube because the evil mafia has a controlling stake

0:00 to 8:57 intro
8:57 to 25:22. ICU 101
25:22 to 1:24.00. High dose vitamin c intravenous (IVC) prevents the need for intensive care in acute infection. I show you the studies and how the medical mafia is trying to suppress this protocol with phoney studies. I show you why they are phoney.
1:24.00 to end. Vitamin D. The studies which prove it works to kill viruses. What dose to take? The vitamin d “hammer”. Protocol given to avoid infection. DIY protocol in case of acute infection.


i. Numerous studies show that only the severely vitamin d deficient die from covid-19. Vitamin d sufficient are not even infected. See the 4th part of my video. 1.24.00 to end. Therefore you should supplement with at least 5,000 i.u.’s of vitamin d. If you are infected, take the vitamin d “hammer” of 50,000 i.u.’s in one hit.

ii. High dose vitamin c intravenous (IVC) given in the first 6 hours of an acute covid patient presenting, prevents the need for intensive care. Watch my video to see how to get a diy version that is just as good as intravenous.


a). Mandate that every hospital use the MATH+ protocol for acute infections. Not just covid infections. ALL acute infections. No more deaths from covid and no more deaths from the flu either. This is a proven protocol. 10 ICU physicians are using it in the US. If used in the first 6 hours of an acute patient presenting to the ER, intensive care Sedation, drugging, intubation, ventilation, catheter tube shoved into your private parts. etc, etc.) is not necessary. Full details and irrefutable proof in my video

b) Give every citizen a year’s supply of vitamin d.

How many more studies do we need which prove that only severely vitamin d deficient people die from covid-19?  The real pandemic is vitamin d deficiency.

Only vitamin d deficient people die from covid-19.   The real pandemic is vitamin d deficiency. The corrupt medical profession is telling us lies to keep us out of the sun and and out of tanning beds so we remain vitamin d deficient. My video  catches them in the act of lying.

How to finish with covid overnight – vitamin d supplement for every citizen

Give every citizen a year’s supply of vitamin d. But not the useless dose of 600 iu’s stipulated as RDA (US) or even more ridiculous NHS RDA of 400 iu.=’s, by the corrupt medical profession. Give 5,000 iu’s per day. The dose recommended by Dr. Hollick who is THE expert on vitamin d. 20,000 iu’s for the obese, 10,000 iu,s for blacks, over 60’s and those with existing conditions. I estimate that this would cost about $50 million in the US and something like $15 millions in the UK. Chickenfeed! . It would stop not only covid-19 infection but also seasonal flu. It would also put all chronic diseases into remission and make the population 100% healthier because in every single chronic disease vitamin d deficiency is implicated. I show you a 2 minute montage of 80 studies which prove this in my video. Hit pause to read the disease which interests you. Get the drug companies to give back the biilions that they have extorted to make filthy vaccines which maim and kill.

Tips for watching the bitchute video on the 2 natural “vaccines”: * Watch in x1.25 or x1.5 speed where you find my delivery slow. * It’s in 4 parts. Watch in 2 or 3 or more sessions. (It’s long and detailed) * You don’t need to hit pause to read every medical excerpt insert. Come back and watch a second time and re ad the ones which interest you. * I give you a protocol to avoid infection in the first place and another “failsafe” emergency protocol in case of acute infection to keep you out of a death trap ICU.

Read:   None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen. Written 50 years ago but more relevant than ever

PS. The short version for President Trump

Make Donald Trump Young Again! . How to quickly kill the virus and stay out of a death trap ICU. . (Pity he never watched it!)

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