This website was originally written by Chris Parkinson, French to English translator and  researcher on behalf of Anne and Dr. Dominique Seignalet and the Dr. Seignalet Association. The Association consists of members of and friends of the Seignalet family.

You can see the English pages of the association’s French website here
Dr. Seignalet died in 2003.  In the last 10 years there have been great strides made in understanding the role that vitamin d plays in health.  Therefore this website and the Urgent Health Message youtube and bitchute videos made by myself attempt to place the Seignalet diet in the context of the latest research and the website should now be considered to be 100% the independent work of Chris Parkinson. It may not always reflect the views of the Seignalet family.

Dr. Seignalet’s original, doorstep of a book has still not been translated.  If you are interested in publishing it please email

and I will put you in touch with Anne Seignalet who can sell you the rights.


Medicine should be dispassionate, objective and scientific. Therapeutic interventions should be based on firm evidence. This is how medicine presents itself but in my opinion official medicine often does not live up these noble aims and is too often influenced by the financial interests of the drug companies. The sordid truth is that doctors are tightly controlled franchisees of a “drugs and vaccines only”, business that reaps trillions of dollars annually for its owners.

Is that a conspiracy theory? Well no doubt the drug companies would say that it is. So you can call me a conspiracy theorist. You should be aware therefore that I have an agenda which is to research how to keep myself in optimum health by careful research and to pass on my knowledge to others so that they can avoid what I consider to be the pitfalls of relying on the drugs and vaccines franchise.

One thing we have learned during the covid-19 manipulation is that doctors cannot be trusted, not even the apparently “dissident” doctors who say that Hydroxycloroquine  or Ivermemectin should be used.  Why would we use drugs with side effects when it has been known for 10 years now that sufficient vitamin d stimulates the body’s own anti-microbials which kill covid-19 and any other pathogen?   The sad truth is that medicine is corrupt and is being used to control and harm us.  Do not trust any medical pronouncements that are not backed up with studies.

I have no scientific or medical training. I’m not a dietician or nutritionist. What I am is a damn good researcher and thinker and I’m fascinated by the subject of health. I don’t have all the answers. I might make mistakes. As my recommendations will always be nutrition and supplement based it is my belief that I can avoid harming anyone who wants to follow my nutritional and other advice. Only a doctor can diagnose a disease. My advice can only be on a “may help” basis. I’m 70 years old so you can watch me in my videos and judge for yourself whether my “system” has worked for me.

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