vitamin d capsules
vitamin d capsules

Vitamin D

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Vitamin d deficiency is implicated in all chronic diseases and all covid deaths

Dr. Seignalet did not use vitamin d supplementation nor sun nor tanning bed exposure with the diet. But studies show that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in all chronic diseases as well as infectious diseases. 10 years ago it was discovered that vitamin d has an antibiotic and antimicrobial effect because it induces antimicrobial peptides, defensins and cathelicidins. Murine (rat and mouse) studies show that vitamin d levels may play a role in the integrity of the gut wall.

See my 10 videos on sun and tanning bed exposure & vitamin d

Watch my youtube series of 10 videos called “The real truth about tanning and tanning beds”. Particularly, the 20 minute video 9 in the series: “Vitamin d deficiency implicated in 91 diseases – the studies” where I walk you through 85 medical article journals.

High levels of vitamin d proven to prevent death from Covid-19

I’m writing this during the Covid-19 crisis. 10 days ago a study from Intensive Care Unit doctors at the Louisiana State University was published. The take home message is that acute patients were vitamin d deficient and patients with mild or moderate symptoms were not.

Here are its conclusions:

“…Vitamin D insufficiency is highly prevalent in severe COVID-19 patients. Vitamin D insufficiency and severe COVID-19 share numerous associations including hypertension, obesity, male sex, advanced age, concentration in northern climates, coagulopathy, and immune dysfunction. Thus, we suggest that prospective, randomized controlled studies of VDI in COVID-19 patients are warranted…” (Yes.The good old “more studies are needed” gambit.) Meanwhile the 80 or 85 % of patients with mild or no symptoms have a sufficiency of vitamin d.

Dr. Seignalet: All chronic disease caused by leaky gut

Dr. Seignalet’s theory was that nearly all chronic diseases, including cancer are caused by leaky gut (posh medical term: intestinal permeability) and by avoiding foods that were not eaten by our cavemen ancestors, the gut heals and the disease is reversed. The leaks are caused by damage to the “tight junctions” between the cells lining the gut. Dr. Seignalet died in 2002. Recent studies show that vitamin d is critical for maintaining the tight junctions. Here are conclusions from a 2008 study on mice: “…Therefore, vitamin D deficiency may compromise the mucosal barrier, leading to increased susceptibility to mucosal damage and increased risk of Irritable Bowel Disease”

Could the diet + Vitamin d supplementation achieve a 100% success rate every time?

If you look at Dr. Seignalet’s success tables you will see that although he achieved many complete remissions with the diet, as long as they stayed on it, some patients had only 80/90 % or 50% improvements and there were some failures.
So could the optimum amount of vitamin d without toxicity have improved his success rates even more? Did the 50% improvement patients or patients who failed to improve on the diet have vitamin d insufficiency or even full blown deficiency? My theory is that they did, although sadly, it would be hard to prove now either way.

What is the best way to get vitamin d?

There are 5 possible ways to get vitamin d:
1. In food: fortified cereal, cheese, milk, orange juice, bread etc.
2. In natural food sources like Salmon or mushrooms.
3. By supplementing with vitamin d capsules or pills.
4. By exposing your skin to ultra violet b radiation from the sun.
5. By exposing your skin to ultra violet b radiation from a tanning bed.

Pros and cons

Each method has pros and cons. Let’s look at each one in turn.

1. Fortified foods.

In the UK, for historical reasons, milk is not fortified with vitamin d as it is in the US. In Australia vitamin d is added to margarine. Breakfast cereals are also commonly fortified with vitamin d. None of these foods is permitted on the Seignalet diet of course but apart from that the amount of vitamin d in a serving of fortified cereal, bread, orange juice or milk is only 100 iu. (The Vitamin D Solution, page 227). If you had one serving of each of these in a day that makes 400 iu and the US National Institutes for health say that between 1 and 70 years old you would require 600 iu’s to maintain “…a daily intake that is sufficient to maintain bone health and normal calcium metabolism in healthy people.” In other words, 600 iu’s will just about prevent you from developing rickets. Over 70 years old the requirement jumps to 800 iu according to the NIH. So you may not even scraping by to the minimum requirement with fortified foods. Many vitamin d experts now recommend at least 5,000 iu’s per day for optimum health. Dr. Holick says that you could supplement with 10,000 iu’s for months on end without toxicity. Another problem with getting your vitamin d this way is that rhere have been instances where an employee has mistakenly added thousands more times the proper dose at the factory leading to large scale outbreaks of toxicity.

2. Natural food sources.

Again, I’m referring to page 227 of “The vitamin d solution”. Dr. Holick gives the vitamin d content of foods which contain vitamin d. We are told by dermatologists that we can get vitamin d from egg yolks. Well according to Dr. Holick an egg yolk contains 20 iu. So to get the equivalent of a good dose of summer afternoon sunshine you would have to eat 1,000 egg yolks! A portion of fresh salmon contains 600 iu. That’s as good as it gets though because a portion of farmed salmon only contains 100 iu. The amount of dried shiitake mushroom the Japanese would use to make dashi for miso soup contains 1,600 iu. So if you, like me and the Japanese, eat miso soup after both lunch and dinner you are doing relatively well. (See my video on how to make miso soup).

3. Supplementation.

This has several pro’s. Supplementation for some weeks prior to continued exposure to the sun or a tanning bed would ensure that there is enough vitamin d in the skin to give protection against potential harmful effects of acute or chronic exposure. My advice to anyone buying my sunbed is to supplement with 10,000 iu’s a day before starting to use it. High dose supplementation may be a good strategy to help reverse a degenerative disease, preferably in conjunction with the Seignalet diet. As with fortification there have been isolated incidences of an employee mistakenly adding several thousand times the regular dose at the factory leading to dangerous toxicity. The ideal dosage would be as near as possible to what the body can handle without toxicity. But this would require frequent and careful testing. Read “The Vitamin D Solution” to find out about how to get accurately tested. Too much vitamin d can lead to toxic effects.

4. Exposing your skin to the sun

This would be the most natural way to get vitamin d and how our cavemen and paleolithic ancestors would have got their dose during many thousands of years up to the advent of industrialisation. We have exquisite mechanisms in our skin which tell us to get out in the sun in the shape of uvb stimulated feel good endorphins uva stimulated nitric oxide to relax us by lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow. Above a certain latitude and for skin types that fit that latitude, this must be nature’s way of telling us to get out in the sun because it feels good. It’s rewarding us for stocking enough vitamin d in our fat stores to last through the winter when there is no vitamin d stimulating uvb hitting the earth. Most of us have to work indoors for much of the year and we rush to binge sunbathe during our summer holiday. If we don’t have enough cancer protective vitamin d in our skin to protect us when we start binging this can be problematic, particularly if we have risk factors for melanoma such as fair skin or lots of moles or are taking medication.

Use the Seignalet diet and vitamin d supplementation to wean yourself off drugs

Immune suppressing drugs like methoxtrate which work by lowering folate supplies are particularly dangerous. The terrible paradox is that it’s vitamin d deficiency which has caused the need for the drug in the first place! As with using a tanning bed, the beauty of using nature’s way of getting vitamin d is that you can get the optimum dose that your body can handle without toxicity because your body knows when it has had enough and stops making it. But if you are taking immune lowering or phototoxic drugs you should avoid the sun and tanning beds. Use 5,000 iu’s of vitamin d per day and use the Seignalet diet to get off the drugs (taper off slowly). Once you are off the drugs you can use sun exposure and/or my tanning bed to get optimum vitamin d without toxicity.

5. Using a tanning bed

This has several advantages. The main one is that you are not dependent on the sun and can continue getting the health benefits of exposing your skin to uv light throughout the winter. Remember, studies have shown that habitual, moderate exposure is protective. Outside workers very rarely get Melanoma. There is a myth that tanning beds increase the risk for melanoma and you will even hear horror stories about a 75 % increased risk. These horror stories originate with some dermatologists. It’s a shame that a profession would use their authority as so called experts to give us advice which they must know is harmful. See my video “The Real Truth about Tanning and Tanning Beds, video part 1” where I look at the studies which prove categorically that there is in fact no increased risk.

As with sun exposure it’s important to be well informed of the risks so that you can avoid them. Tanning salon operatives are trained to make sure you get exposures which are suited to your skin type and will make sure you space your sessions by at least 48 hours.

Instructions for safe tanning are included with my bed

With a home tanning bed the onus is on you to make sure you know how to use the bed properly.
This is why:
a) I have made a 90 minute video broken down into 10 ten parts so that you can find out the real truth about the benefits which far outweigh the risks and how you can protect yourself from any potential dangers.
b) You will need to watch the videos if you want to buy the tanning bed and answer a questionnaire so that I can be sure you will use it safely.
c) The tanning bed comes with a comprehensive booklet on how to use the bed.
d) Also supplied with the bed is a Daavlin patch. You should use this when you first get the bed to safely find out what is your “Minimal Erythemal Dose” or MED for short. You can then time your exposures to half of your MED.

Get optimum vitamin d without toxicity with my tanning bed

Use this 10 lamp tanning bed to get optimal vitamin d without toxicity. Watch my youtube series of 10 videos called “The real truth about tanning and tanning beds”. Particularly, the 20 minute video part 9 in the series: “Vitamin d deficiency implicated in 91 diseases – the studies” where
I walk you through 85 medical article journals.
Novel Role of the Vitamin D Receptor in Maintaining the Integrity of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier
Kong et al 2007

d deficiency is implicated in all acute covid deaths and in every disease! 76 studies shown here.

Vitamin d deficiency implicated in every disease!
Vitamin d deficiency implicated in every disease!