A French professor of medicine and his miracle “Seignalet diet” which reversed 91, so-called “incurable”, chronic diseases

Dr. Jean Seignalet (Pronounce it “Shon Saynyalay”) was a French professor of medicine who devised and trialled a “hypotoxic” diet with 2,565 patients with 115 different, so called “incurable” diseases over a period of twenty years. 91 of the diseases responded to treatment with the diet and there were 1,631 complete remissions. 2,300 patients improved.

fat to thins
fat to thin

Although The diet was not originally intended to be for weight loss, this was found to be one of the many beneficial side-effects. These benefits included increased mental alertness and poise, lowering of cholesterol and many other good things including avoidance of heart attack and stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s! See a list of disease treated by Dr. Seignalet at the bottom of this page and click on your own to see his results for that particular disease.

“Modern” foods cause leaky gut

Dr. Seignalet believed that all the diseases which responded to his diet were caused by “leaky gut”. (Proper medical term: intestinal permeability).

 Intestinal permeability implicated in all chronic diseases

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junk food
junk food

He thought that the leaky gut itself was caused by the foods that became staples during the neolithic period which started 10,000 years ago in the middle east and 5,000 years ago in Europe. The advent of modern industrial food production aggravated the situation still further.

Time between our caveman ancestors and us – “the blink of an eye”

We are genetically adapted to foods that our cave people ancestors ate. You can consider human evolution from the viewpoint of the primates starting 75 million years ago, or from the time our first human-like ancestors, the australopithecines evolved 6 million years ago or from the time the first “early modern humans” evolved, 200,000 years ago (or even earlier) in Africa.These ancestors crossed over into Europe and Asia 45,000 years ago or earlier. However you look at it, 10,000 or 5,000 years is just the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms. Our digestive enzymes have evolved to process the foods our cavemen ancestors were eating – not what we put on our tables today.

How man evolved

Digestive enzymes – the lock and key effect

Dr. Seignalet pointed out that molecules of food fit our digestive enzymes like a lock and key, with the food being the key and the enzyme the lock. Caramel, for example, made by heating sugar, produces a mirror image, cis form that our enzymes simply cannot process. Put another way it’s like trying to put a left hand into a right handed glove. So we have not evolved the enzymes to cope with these “new”, often large molecules in animal milks, highly mutated cereals and the end-products of cooking.

How Enzymes work

Undigested food molecules form a putrefactive bacterial gut flora which damages the junction between cells lining the gut wall.

Shows enterocytes – the cells which line the gut. Lining is only one cell thick! Thinner than rice paper! Picture shows how junctions can become loose, letting undigested food particles pass through and into the bloodstream.

These undigested, food macromolecules cause the intestinal flora to become putrefactive, giving rise to further macromolecules and this putrefactive flora damages the junctions between the cells (enterocytes) of the intestinal wall. Undigested macromolecules and bacterial peptides can then enter the blood stream, ending up in the cells of tissue, and the spaces (interstices) between cells, clogging up the tissue, with the result that it functions less well than nature intended. Particularly dangerous are Maillard molecules, produced by grilling, frying and baking. Our genetic susceptibility to that disease and the type of food waste which is penetrating the gut wall determine which disease we end up with.

The 4 different pathologies caused

In some cases, like Osteoarthritis for example, this simply results in the “clogging” pathology I’ve just described. In other cases, like Rheumatoid arthritis, it results in an “autoimmune” pathology. In fact the body is not attacking itself, as we have been told to believe by orthodox medicine but is instead attacking these waste particles of undigested food, causing inflammation. Seignalet considered that the correct term for this pathology was Xenoimmune with true autoimmune pathology being extremely rare. In other diseases like Eczema or Asthma for example, the body tries to rid itself of these wastes through its various elimination channels (medical term: emunctories), like the liver, kidneys, skin etc. Seignalet called these diseases “elimination” pathologies. In some rare diseases such as Behçet’s disease or Sapho Syndrome, more than one type of pathology can be involved. Seignalet called these “complex” diseases.

How the diet works and detox symptoms

By adopting the diet of our paleolithic ancestors as much as possible, what Seignalet called the “ancestral”, or “original” or “hypotoxic” diet, the gut wall will heal. The junctions between the enterocytes then become tight again. So dangerous macromolecules can no longer penetrate the gut wall and end up in the bloodsteam and then the tissue. As the gut wall heals, the flow of dangerous macromolecules is halted and a process of “detoxification” then starts in the body’s tissues as these macromolecules are gradually eliminated by the immune system.

Detox symtoms

As you heal, you may experience some “detox” symptoms like nausea, headaches or a loose bowel. Quite often there will be a brief, sometimes painful flare of your symptoms. These occasional symptoms will pass. They will decrease in intensity until they disappear and are to be welcomed as signs that your body is healing. These detox symptoms result from the fact that more of these “toxins” are being released into the bloodstream than the liver and kidneys are able to process and eliminate at any one time. Unfortunately, the concept of detoxification is not admitted by orthodox physicians, who might diagnose them as symptoms of “intoxification” caused by microbes or parasites or chemical toxins or even nutritional deficiencies.

The best thing to do if you have detox symptoms, when you usually have little appetite anyway, is just do do an impromptu fast for a day or two while drinking plenty of pure water. The Seignalet diet is perfectly balanced and will not result in nutritional deficiencies.  (In my  own “supercharged version of the Seignalet diet“, we can use some adjuncts to a) increase the success rate to 100% remissions for 100% of diseases, b) speed up the healing process and c) prevent the detox effects associated with a very rapid healing, d) compensate for the hidden manipulation and adulteration of today’s foodstuffs)

Is this the “paleo diet”? Yes and no.

Is this the “Paleo diet”? Not really. The Cordain/Wolf version of the Paleo diet differs from the Seignalet diet in two important aspects. The so-called Paleo diet bans all grains and pulses. Seignalet studied each food according to how it is processed by our bodies. While he found that wheat, corn (maize), oats etc. were to be avoided, buckwheat, quinoa and rice can be consumed. Cordain and Wolf advocate eating a high proportion of cooked animal protein. Dr. Seignalet believed that animal protein cooked above 110 °C or 230 °F produces dangerous Maillard molecules and is a disease factor. See my translation of his dangers of cooking here. (The Seignalet family kindly gave me permission to translate.)

Most of us, in contrast to our cavemen ancestors, live sedentary lives and Seignalet advised eating animal protein (raw or steamed) just once a day. Note also that the Cordain/Wolf diet is mainly a lifestyle diet. It has not been trialled as a therapy to reverse disease. The Seignalet diet is designed specifically as a therapeutic diet to reverse and prevent disease. It is not touted as a cure however. To maintain remission, the diet must be adopted for life. I personally (Chris Parkinson) use it as a lifestyle diet and I incorporate Hay/Shelton/Diamond et al food combining principles as well.

Reasons why the Seignalet diet may fail to reverse your disease

Dr. Seignalet listed all the reasons why the diet might fail.  I have listed all the problems and their solution on this page: See my supercharged version of the Seignalet diet

See the  list of disease treated by Dr. Seignalet at the bottom of this page and click on your own to see his results for that particular disease.

You can see a new healing,  Seignalet legal recipe uploaded EVERY DAY here

New Discoveries since Dr. Seignalet’s death.

Dr. Seignalet died in 2003. Since then there have been many new discoveries and I will do my best to keep abreast of them on this website and in my videos. Dr. Holick started researching vitamin d around the time that Dr. Seignalet started treating his first patients with the diet but Dr. Seignalet did not seem to be aware of Dr. Holicks research. In my opinion this could be due to the fact that drug company controlled medicine has done its very best to sideline Dr. Holick and bury his findings because vitamin d is a direct competitor to drugs and vaccines. Around 10 years ago it was realised that vitamin d stimulates the production of the body’s own anti-microbials – defensins and cathelicidins which kill pathogens and in particular – viruses. It’s not surprising therefore that people who die from coronavirus all have vitamin d deficiency.

Why is the medical profession not shouting from the rooftops about vitamin d for covid-19?

What might surprise most people (but not myself) is the medical profession’s silence about this. So instead of mandating 5,000 i.u.’s for every citizen (Dr. Holicks’s recommended dose) our corrupt puppet politicians have wasted billions of taxpayer’s dollars on experimental vaccines that are causing auto-immune stroke, anaphylaxis, convulsions and deaths (this written in January 2021). The vaccines may not even be particularly effective. Trillions of dollars of unnecessary economic destruction has been caused by locking us all up in our homes. We will be paying off the deficit in raised taxes for generations. Who knows how much longer this lunacy will continue. I have discovered that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every single chronic disease. Is this why the medical profession is silent about vitamin d for covid-19? Is is because if the truth was known we would need far fewer doctors and their drugs and vaccines?

The medical profession is lying to us.

People who died from coronavirus died from vitamin d deficiency

The vitamin D–antimicrobial peptide pathway and its role in protection against infection
Gombart 2009

“…The regulation of the cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide gene is a human/primate-specific adaptation and is not conserved in other mammals..”

Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths
Grant et al 2020

“… Evidence supporting the role of vitamin D in reducing risk of COVID-19 includes that the outbreak occurred in winter, a time when 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations are lowest; that the number of cases in the Southern Hemisphere near the end of summer are low; that vitamin D deficiency has been found to contribute to acute respiratory distress syndrome; and that case-fatality rates increase with age and with chronic disease comorbidity, both of which are associated with lower 25(OH)D concentration. To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that people at risk of influenza and/or COVID-19 consider taking 10,000 IU/d of vitamin D3 for a few weeks to rapidly raise 25(OH)D concentrations, followed by 5000 IU/d…..”

see caveat

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Autoimmune Addisons
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Basedow’s(aka Grave s) disease
Behcet’s uveitis
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Urticarial Vasculitis
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