Ideal Seignalet diet food
Ideal Seignalet diet meal

My super charged version of the Seignalet (“Saynyalay”) diet.

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Speed up healing, avoid detox reactions, get 100% remission every time

The classic Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay) diet usually takes between 3 to 8 months to reverse any of the 91 diseases that the diet can put into remission (a few  people get remission in less than a month)   (What is the Seignalet diet? ) One patient had a result after 18 months. I think that the process of healing can be greatly speeded up by taking 10,000 i.u.s (250 mcg)) of vitamin d per day and  using some adjuncts.

Black radish in the juice to avoid detox reactions

Rapid healing can lead to a rapid detox and this could potentially be dangerous because as the immune system gets rid of the toxins from the cells they could overwhelm the ability of the liver and kidneys to dispose of them with the result that they recirculate in the blood causing various effects like headache or nausea. (Note: the medical profession scoffs at the idea of detox. An NHS or AMA physician might diagnose the symptoms as an infection or a toxin.). But we easily overcome this problem using the black radish in my juice and amino recipe. Black radish stimulates the production of bile which among other good things cleans out the toxins from the liver and dumps them into the small intestine where they are eliminated as part of the digestive process.

Do not use my “supercharged version of the Seignalet diet” if you have had your gall bladder removed or if you are on steroids or immune suppressing drugs .  In those cases I recommend consulting a naturopathic physician. I am not a doctor. If you are taking non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’S) for pain relief,  use ginger instead.  It’s not only as effective, it’s more effective and instead of damaging the lining of your stomach and intestines like NSAID’s it will actually heal the damage caused by them!  NSAID’S  will worsen your condition and are the first step in a deadly cascade.

High dose vitamin d puts all auto-immune diseases into remission
Vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every chronic disease. Take 10,000 i.u.s (250 mcg) a day not the 400 i.u’s the corrupt, pharma controlled  NHS recommends as the daily dose. 400 i.u.’s is the dose for a hamster!  D3 promotes calcium absorption in the gut. So to make sure the extra calcium ends up in the right place, in your bones and teeth, supplement with vitamin K2. You should also get some Magnesium Chloride hexahyrdate. AMAZON UK AMAZON US to make sure that the vitamin d supplementation doesn’t aggravate an underlying magnesium deficiency (Bowles). Magnesium is an antagonist of calcium so among the many good things magnesium does for our health we can count prevention of hypercalcemia when taking high dose d3.  Dissolve 2 tablespoonfuls in half a pint of water, keep in a jar and take a sip first thing in the morning.  It can be laxative so find the dose that suits you. Note: It can take a year for magnesium stores in the body to reach the optimum level. (Bowles).

Use a simple online finger prick test to find out your serum vitamin d level.  Aim for 100 ng/ml.  According to Dr. Holick life guards have a level of 100 ng/ml.  I think we can assume that our hunter gatherer ancestors had this level so I think that this is not excessive or dangerous.  Keep testing to maintain the proper level.  Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to prevent hypercalcemia (kidney stones) .  On the Seignalet diet we don’t eat dairy which, with its high calcium content could otherwise be a problem with a high dose of vitamin d.

We will use 2 non-Seignalet methods to counter any undesirable detox side effects.

    1. Fresh vegetable juice including black radish to stimulate bile and clean out the liver and dump the toxins into the intestine to be eliminated. If you want to be really thorough you can learn how to do the famous Gerson coffee enema but I think my juice with some black radish will suffice.
    2. High dose vitamin c. Seignalet knew about Pauling but dismissed the idea that vitamin c “cures all ills”.  We should remember that Seignalet had a point to prove with his diet and he would have wanted to keep the therapy “unpolluted” by adjuncts like vitamin c.  I personally dissolve 12 grams a day in about a pint of water and take around 30 or 40 tiny sips throughout the day. You need to bear 2 things in mind when taking high dose vitamin c. a) once you start, the body acclimatises to the high dose. If you want to stop you should gradually reduce over a few days. b) Too much vitamin c in one dose can provoke diarrhea. You need to find your “bowel tolerance” (bt) dose. So start slowly and gradually increase the dose until you get a loose bowel. You will have found your bt. Then you cut back the dose slightly. Be aware that if you are ill your bt will go up and you can usually take more, sometimes a lot more, without a loose bowel.

    How do we speed up the time needed for remission?

Amino cocktail to heal the gut

Note:  Before using this amino cocktail, make sure your kidneys function well enough to handle the 24 grams of protein involved by ordering a simple online fingertip test. Hypertension or diabetes means you will have poor kidney function so in that case, skip the aminos until the Seignalet diet, high dose vitamin c , 10,000 i.u’s of vitamin d and vegetable juices have made your kidneys super healthy.  It should not take long.   Your kidneys transform vitamin d to its final active form so if you have poor kidney function, even with supplementation you may still have low blood vitamin d.   Another reason to get your serum vitamin d level tested.

We take a blend of aminos in freshly squeezed vegetable juice for breakfast. The aminos are one tablespoonful of glutamine, one tablespoonful of glycine, one teaspoonful of arginine, one teaspoonful of l.carnitine , one teaspoonful of taurine, one teaspoonful of essential aminos in a pint of juice.  Only use these high amounts for one month to heal the gut. Using the high amounts long term could produce imbalances of aminos. Taper down to half a teaspoonful of each per day after one month.


  • Supplementing with a lot of aminos can produce ammonemia. Arginine and l.carnitine both prevent the build up of ammonia.
  • The essential aminos are to make sure that your body’s aminos are not thrown out of balance.
  • Arginine is very good for gut healing but it’s an antagonist of lysine. That’s why we are only using a teaspoonful. L. carnitine is not noted as a gut healer. We are using it here to prevent ammonemia. You might also want to balance the arginine by taking half a teaspoonful of lysine in some juice or water later in the day.
  • If you are stressed for any reason or have a flare of your symptoms, come back to the high dose until it’s passed.Jump to study 4.
  • Seignalet said that we only need to eat animal protein once a day. So that ties in nicely with another, 100 year old therapeutic diet: Food combining. There’s tons of stuff on the web and on amazon books. See “What Saynyalistas can learn from other diet systems” . All my Seignalet recipe videos are food combining legal. (Did Seignalet know about food combining? Again he might have deliberately ignored it because it would have polluted his “pure” therapy.)
  • Adequate vitamin d.  Use my tanning bed to get optimum vitamin d without toxicity or take 5,000 i.u.’s of D3, 10,000 i.u.’s for the over 60’s and if you have an existing condition. Get your serum vitamin d level checked with a simple, mail order finger prick test.  You should aim for over 50 ng/ml (highly sufficient).  Keep tanning or supplementing until you reach it. Again, something Seignalet seems to have ignored. It may be because he died in 2003 and the last edition of his book was published in 2002. It’s really only in about the last 10 years that vitamin d has really come to the fore thanks to Dr. Holick and others. Vitamin d deficiency is implicated in nearly every chronic disease. See the gif at the bottom of the page.
  • Get the optimum vitamin a without toxicity by converting beta-carotene in my “healthiest breakfast ever” juice and grated carrot with oil without fail at every lunch time. This relies on your bile to do the converting.  If you think it’s not working get yourself tested to see that you are making bile ok. Bile is made from cholesterol and taurine. If you are a vegetarian you definitely should supplement with 3 quarters of a teaspoonful of taurine daily. Do not let your doctor con you into taking statins. (People with MS don’t produce enough bile). Jump to study 2.

Seignalet listed the reasons for failure of the diet to produce remission. I am going to give my non-Seignalet solution for each one.

Gastric hypochloria – low level of stomach acid  Usually results from medication like proton pump inhibitors. The solution is very simple. Make and drink half a pint of cabbage juice (use white or green cabbage) in the morning for breakfast. Jump to study 1. Then fast until lunch) and half a pint of cabbage juice in the afternoon. Do this for 10 days. This will sort out any and all stomach problems. I guarantee it. Cabbage is goitrogenic. That means it blocks the uptake of iodine by the thyroid.  . So with such a large amount of cabbage you need to also take 4 or 5 drops of Lugol’s iodine in water. Not iodine tincture. That’s a poison. I recommend Lugol’s as part of your healing protocol anyway.

Dangerous molecules in the right colon Cabbage to the rescue again. Use my protocol for chlostridium difficile. Eat virtually nothing except sauerkraut and coleslaw (grated cabbage and carrot) for 10 days. Make and drink half a pint of raw potato juice in the morning and afternoon. This would almost certainly work for any bowel problems like Crohn’s or colitis but I don’t have randomized, double blind studies to prove it. Watch my video for the studies which prove that it will work and the full protocol.

Lack of digestive enzymes Food combining to the rescue here. Also cabbage juice. (Cabbage heals everything!). Also Miso soup  soup after every meal. Eat very simple meals. If that still does not work you can try supplemental digestive enzymes but make sure that you match the enzyme carefully to what you are eating. For example ginger contains proteases – enzymes which digest protein. But enzymes themselves are proteins. So what if you are eating some fat or oil with your protein? The ginger is going to inhibit your lipase, the fat digesting enzyme.

Not following the regime for long enough to get results My “Seignalet diet on steroids” should solve that problem because it should get results fast.

Poor structural condition of the intestine  My aminos and juice will solve that problem very quickly

Chronic candidiasis I have not studied this one much. When I have time I will do some research and do a post but I think just ginger in my “healthiest breakfast ever” should get the candida back under control. That and my regime itself. Eliminate sugar from your diet.

Persistant dental or bronchial infections Seignalet did not go into much detail. I think adequate dosage of vitamin d will cure bronchial infections.  <a href=”#C4″>Jump to study 3.</a>Try 10,000 I.u’s a day with your main meal. On the subject of dental infections: If you have a root canal treated tooth it needs to be removed by a “biological dentist” and the socket cleaned up. Be very careful selecting the dentist. Many will pay lip service to Weston Price’s research without really caring two hoots. Leave the gap empty. Dentists will try to persuade you that the surrounding teeth will go wonky. I have 4 extractions and I don’t have a problem. Extractions and infections causing abcess can lead to cavitation. In my opinion dental extractions always lead to cavitation. You can prove it to yourself with my natural method for healing them without surgery. Jump to Heal your cavitations.  My high dose vitamin c and vitamin d regime should heal gum infections.  Spend 10 minutes cleaning between your teeth every meal with both floss and interdental brushes.  Brush your teeth religiously in the morning and at night before you go to bed.  If you have gum pockets –  before going to bed break open an olive leaf capsule and brush the powder into the pockets with an interspace brush.

Stress.  Stress is often the initiator. Glutamine is a “conditionally essential” amino. It keeps the gut healthy. When you are stressed, particularly during illness, glutamine is used up fast and the deficiency causes damage to the gut. So your disease can be self-perpetuating. You are stressed, glutamine is used up, that causes leaky gut which in turn causes the disease. A vicious spiral. We solve this problems with my amino supplements. Jump to study 4.

Drugs, particularly Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatorie. NSAID’s damage the whole of the intestinal tract, particularly the stomach and the small intestine. Why would you take them? Ginger does everything that NSAID’s do, but better and it heals the intestinal tract instead of damaging it. Win-win-win. The mighty ginger

Gif shows excerpts from 76 studies which prove that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in all chronic diseases

Vitamin d deficiency implicated in every disease!
Vitamin d deficiency implicated in every disease!
Heal your cavitations.

Operation to scrape out the pus from cavitation

In the case of extractions bacteria can eat away the bone in your jaw and cause “cavitations” aka bone necrosis.  The bacteria become anaerobic and more virulent.  Toxins from the cavitations can leak out and cause all kinds of problems.  I’ve had 4 extractions and I think they are responsible for my hearing loss. Read:  Toxic Dentistry Exposed.   I will be making a video about toxic dentistry.  Healing the cavitations is fraught with problems.  a) You have to find one of the very rare dental surgeons who admits that there is such a thing as cavitations (only one in the UK) and b) Has an ultra sound machine called a “cavitat scanner” to locate them and then do surgery to scrape out the pus. c) The operation is not guaranteed to completely cure the infection and may have to be repeated.

How to heal the cavitation without surgery

Here is how I healed my own cavitations without surgery.  First I had a cavitat scan which cost me an arm and a leg.  Sure enough it showed I had cavitations. Every night for about a year I would line my jaw with savoy cabbage leaf. Use 2 anti-snoring straps. Cut out the central stalks on 2 large outer leaves then run over the leaves with a bottle to crush the subsidiary veins. Dip the leaves in hot water then line one of the straps and attach the strap so that it’s covering the lower part of your face. The second strap is used like a normal anti-snoring strap under the chin so that overlapping leaves are pressed to the bottom of the chin bone.   See my article: Can cabbage leaf cure all ills?  In the morning I would spit out pus onto a paper plate. Eventually there was no more pus in the morning and I had another cavitat scan.  No more cavitations! (I will make a video soon to demonstrate) If you have a root canal the tooth has to come out and the socket cleaned up. This has to be done by a “biological dentist”.  Just leave the gap. Use the cabbage leaf cure to clean up any residual infection.

Study 1.

Cheney 1949
“…Thirteen patients with peptic ulcer were treated with fresh cabbage juice, which, experiments have indicated, contains an antipeptic ulcer factor. This factor (vitamin U) prevents the development of histamin-induced peptic ulcers in guinea pigs. The average crater healing time for seven of these patients who had duodenal ulcer was only 10.4 days, while the average time as reported in the literature, in 62 patients treated by standard therapy, was 37 days. The average crater healing time for six patients with gastric ulcer treated with cabbage juice was only 7.3 days, compared with 42 days, as reported in the literature, for six patients treated by standard therapy….”

Study 2.

Bile acid metabolism is altered in multiple sclerosis and supplementation ameliorates neuroinflammation
Bargava et al 2020
“..We demonstrate that bile acid metabolism was altered in MS and that bile acid supplementation prevented polarization of astrocytes and microglia to neurotoxic phenotypes and ameliorated neuropathology in an animal model of MS. These findings identify dysregulated bile acid metabolism as a potential therapeutic target in MS…”

Study 3.

Vitamin D and airway infections: a European perspective
Zittermann et al 2016
“…Regarding acute respiratory tract infection, Randomized Controlled Trials indicate a significant risk reduction by vitamin D supplements…”

Study 4.

Role of Glutamine in Protection of Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junctions

“….Glutamine is traditionally termed as a nonessential amino acid, is now considered a “conditionally essential” amino acid. Its consumption in small bowel mucosa exceeds the rate of production during catabolic stress such as trauma, sepsis and post surgery…”

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