Sanitizing heritage monuments in Gujarat
Firemen sanitizing Ahmedabad’s Teen Darwaja (three gates) on 08th April 2020 during the drive to sanitize the old city areas by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) in the wake of Covid 19 cases.

Coronavirus state by state in India: herd immunity within sight

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The New Spike in covid cases in India

Coronavirus cases and deaths in Bihar
Coronavirus cases and deaths in Bihar state.  Click to enlarge. Close to return to page.

The corrupt globalist controlled media is currently talking about a “new spike in India”. Like all their reporting on the coronavirus it’s lying propaganda. There is a new. spike but it’s almost entirely in Maharashtra state and Delhi (Union Territory) whose citizens have the lowest serum vitamin d levels in India. 13 ng/ml  and 15 ng/ml respectively. Severely deficient!.  The beginning of the spike coincides exactly with the start of the vaccine roll out in January and the curve of new infections mirrors exactly the curve of vaccination uptake.  I think we will find out eventually that there is a connection.  Is the vaccination causing lowered immunity with the vaccinated becoming infected?  Or are the vaccinations causing a mutation in the giant petri dish of the vaccinated?

I have been working 24/7 on the story of coronavirus state by state with the help of 5 correspondents on the ground in India. I have a developer working on maps to show you states coronavirus statistics at a glance and I have 5 secretaries currently working on formatting the reports. I hope to have everything up around the 13th May.

The maps I’m going to show you are currently being developed to be interactive.  So you will be able to click on a state and see my 7 page report on the state with 3 dashboards.    I have uploaded the final reports on Bihar state and Kerala. Read my comments at the bottom of the reports to see the scoops. There is a doozy of a scoop to explain the low mortality among infected statistics in Kerala.

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Bihar report pdf.

Kerala coronavirus report