Sanitizing heritage monuments in Gujarat
Firemen sanitizing Ahmedabad’s Teen Darwaja (three gates) on 08th April 2020 during the drive to sanitize the old city areas by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) in the wake of Covid 19 cases.

Coronavirus state by state in India: herd immunity within sight

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In Gujarat a homeopathic remedy to “boost immunity” was being distributed from March 2020. By August half the population had received it. Everyone is drinking their Kadha. (See previous post on all India.) We estimate the case mortality rate from coronavirus in Gujarat at 0.037%. Compare this with 1.0%  in the UK.

Disclaimer, although I applaud India’s refusal to bow the knee to allopathic medicine during the (phoney) pandemic. I give evidence on this website that the medical profession is lying to us a) there is no virus pandemic, only a pandemic of vitamin d deficiency and b) Drs. Fowler and Marik in Virginia demonstrated that people who die from acute infections in Intensive Car Units (ICU’s) die from acute scurvy and that high dose vitamin c intravenous given in ER (US) A and E (UK) prevents the need for intensive care. How the covid scam can be over in 5 minutes

This page is just a stub. (Written on 8th March 2021). By the end of the week we hope to have it finished.

We will give you for each state:

    • The coronvirus new cases and deaths dasboard.
    • languages spoken and second language.
    • affiliation of the state government majority. (BJP or Congress
    • degree of enthusiasm among the population for drinking Kadha.
    • degree of enthusiasm among the population for cornonil.
    • percentage of the population infected.
    • percentage of the population deceased due to the infection.
    • pro or anti stance of the state prime minister towards coronil or other remedies.
    • pro or anti stance of the state’s press and online media toward coronil or other remedies.
    • What kind of treatment in given in the hospitals

    Most importantly we will give details of any ayurvedic, homeopathic or other medicines distributed and details of any ayurvedic treatment for acute cases in hospitals. I have several correspondents in India working on this story at the moment. I now know that most states were distributing “immune-boosting” homeopathic drugs or herbal teas to their populations according to which traditional medicine was native to their state. (homeopathy works by the way, Luc Montagnier has demonstrated how it works “scientifically)

    I hope to be able to tease out some interesting conclusions.

    Like India China, Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal India has a ministry for traditional medicine and there are traditional medicine societies in each state.  Like India,  citizens of each of those countries were taking traditional remedies to “boost immunity” and like India the case rates and deaths have been extremely low.  I have correspondents in each of those countries and I will bring you the stories.  So make sure that that you click “allow notifications” so you don’t miss any posts.