India corona dashboard (WHO)
India corona dashboard (WHO)

Breaking: Coronavirus was nearly over in India. We tell you why.

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On this page: How India beat coronavirus by September 2020 with traditional Indian household remedies for colds and flu and ayurvedic medicine only to blow it in 2021 with the vaccine roll out which coincided with a new spike and a new variant.

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(updated 1st April) Coronavirus infections peaked in September and then went into free fall. Covid-19 is nearly over in India without vaccinations.


(Note: This page was written around the 15th February just around the time that  a new spike in cases started. But this spike is concentrated in Maharashtra state the most vitamin d deficient state and Delhi, the state and Union Territory with the lowest serum concentrations of vitamin d and is skewing India’s results. Average serum vitamin d levels are “severely deficient”, 13 ng/ml and 15 ng/ml respectively. ) The new spike seems to be directly related to the vaccination roll out with many vaccinated becoming infected after the jab  

Dear Prime Minister Modhi, the WHO, the UK’s NHS and the US CDC are lying to us about vitamin d.. Coronavirus could always have been over in 5 minutes. Distribute a year’s supply of vitamin d supplements to every Indian. 5,000 i.u’s for healthy adults, 10,000 i.u’s to over 60,s and those with existing conditions and 20,000 i.u.s to the obese. Find an “honest” doctor and ask them if this is true. Ask them to put their answer in writing.

I show you how Indians used their traditional Indian medicine systems and homeopathy to combat the virus. Prime Minister Modhi himself made a youtube video of how to make “Kadha” a super powerful blend of between 5 and 12 anti-viral, anti-inflammatory herbs. The Western media is suppressing this story.  See the news report below. They say the fall in infections is mysterious and unexplained. Globalist mafia Frankenstein pharma propaganda!  On this page I will show you the scientific studies which confirm the efficacy of Kadha and other Ayurvedic concoctions and the story of how the news spread to the whole Indian population. There is a similar suppressed story in China, Vietnam and Thailand. I have agents in those countries researching the stories which will be breaking soon and exclusive to this site. Make sure to click on “allow notifications”. (Disclaimer: I consider  that adequate vitamin d kills coronavirus and any other virus and that high dose vitamin c intravenous for any acute infections prevents the need for intensive care)

  Breaking story: Coronavirus cases fall off a cliff in India!

“….SARS-CoV-2 now seems to have a dual nature: tragically lethal in some persons and surprisingly benign in others….”

“….The likelihood that approximately 40% to 45% of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 will remain asymptomatic suggests that the virus might have greater potential than previously estimated to spread silently and deeply through human populations….”

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Professor Pantsdown gets it wrong again!

Yes. Professor Pantsdown got it wrong again!  Why is coronavirus nearly finished in India?  Is it because of severe lockdowns?  Social distancing?  Masks?

According to the media it’s a mystery.  Watch this report, one of many similar stories:

I solve the mystery of the decline in coronavirus cases and deaths in India

On this page I will prove to you with scientific studies that the Indian people have got it under control themselves with traditional Ayurvedic etc. antiviral herbs and homeopathy. I believe that a large proportion of the population have been infected but are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and that their prophylactic Kadha and assorted other traditional remedies are responsible. In other words India has achieved herd immunity.

(This is what the the UK National Health Service (NHS) website says about homeopathy: “.. the principles on which homeopathy is based are “scientifically implausible”…” But Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier proved that water can retain the memory of the shape of molecules even when nothing remains of the substance in the water. He proves it in this video)


Allopaths versus traditional medicine and homeopathy

I’ve been researching this story full time for the past week with the aid of 3 correspondents in India and my own internet research.  One of the things I noticed is that there is a sort of war going on between Western so called “scientific” medicine and India’s traditional, Ayurvedic medicine.  Most Indians use ayurvedic remedies in preference to drugs and they use ayurveda and yoga to keep themselves healthy. Congress,  the opposition centre and centre left wing party, is broadly speaking for Western medicine, and the current Hindu nationalist party, the BJP, supports Ayurveda which it sees as part of traditional Hindu culture. (This may be an oversimplification. Indians, please give your comments below). No prizes for guessing whose side I’m on!

The story of the free fall of cases and deaths  is about 4 things:

    • 1.  a traditional ayurvedic remedy for colds and flu called Kadha and Chyawanprash, a traditional herbal health supplement.
    • 2. a kit of 3 Ayurvedic medicines called Coronil, touted as a cure by a charismatic yoga guru
    • 3. a smartphone app called Aarogya Setu which tracks how many new cases there are in a given area so that you can avoid any hotspots.
    • 4. Practically every state or union territory (ut) distributed its own traditonal medicine prophylacic. Gujarat for example handed out a homeopathic medicine to its entire population.

Click to enlarge. Note the figures on the bottom right and how over our 4 snapshots in time the rate of infection diminishes and the risk of dying from the infection falls to zero in Gujarat! (Infographics courtesy of Shahanil  compiled from a beautiful app provided by the Indian government )

India as a whole
India as a whole

Maharashtra was the worst hit state in India. If it was a country it would be the 5th worse hit country in the world.  Sales (but not consumption) of coronil have been banned under pressure from allopaths.  A mistake in my opinion. Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album 30 was distributed from May to high risk areas in Mumbai and to covid-19 patients above the age of 55.  Our infographic  snapshots show  new cases are down to a tenth of what they were in September and the risk of dying from the infection is now down to a little less than 1 in 100 (before vaccinations started on 1st March).

Covid in Maharashtra
Covid in Maharashtra


Coronavirus uk
coronavirus uk


I’m going to tell you the story in 2 parts. The very colourful cast of characters and the timeline of events. I will cite peer reviewed studies for the Ayurvedic herbs to prove that they are not quack remedies as the Indian Medical Association would like you to believe. It’s a fascinating story. But if you are short on time jump to my summary and conclusions on the Coronavirus decline in India at the bottom. Before we start, you should know that Coronil is mired in controversy. (Always good for marketing purposes!). 2 of my correspondents warned me that it was controversial and the third swore by it and said that everyone in her area was taking it when there were a lot of cases locally.  So here we go.  Hang on to your seatbelts.

Cast of Characters in India’s coronavirus pandemic


India Map – Vintage Detailed Vector Illustration

Population 1.4 billion (rounded up) India has been a secular federal republic since 1950, governed in a democratic parliamentary system. 121 languages are spoken by more than 100,000 people while there are 19,500 languages or dialects spoken as mother tongue. 25% of the population is illiterate. 10% of the population speak English (mainly in urban centres). Hindi is the mother tongue of 43% of the population. Most Indian states where Hindi is not the main language have adopted Hindi as their second language. Some southern and northeastern non Hindi speaking states have adopted English as their second language. Most Indians understand Hindi.

Indian states.

India is a federal union made up of 28 states and 8 union territories. Union territories are governed directly by the federal government. In every state there is a legislature consisting of a governor and prime minister and one or 2 houses.

Current ruling party

BJP symbol
BJP symbol

since 2014 is Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) a right wing Hindu nationalist party. The official ideology of the BJP is “integral humanism” a set of mainly Gandhian principles.  The other main party is the Indian National Congress which led the fight for independence from Britain under Gandhi.  Congress is a “broad tent” party of the centre and centre left.

Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Modhi
Prime Minister Modhi

led the BJP in the 2014 general election which gave the party a majority in the Indian lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha, the first time for any single party since 1984. Modi’s administration has tried to raise foreign direct investment in the Indian economy and reduced spending on healthcare and social welfare programmes. Modi has attempted to improve efficiency in the bureaucracy; he has centralised power by abolishing the Planning Commission. He began a high-profile sanitation campaign, initiated a controversial demonetisation of high-denomination banknotes and weakened or abolished environmental and labour laws. Wikipedia

Ministry of Ayush

founded in 2014. (Note that this was the same year that the BJP with Modhi came to power.) The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy is purposed with developing education, research and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India. The Ministry is headed by a Minister of State, which is currently held by Shripad Yesso Naik.


Ayurveda Vata Pitta Kapha

This is the main Indian traditional medicine. (Unani and Sidha are the others). Its roots in vedic culture go back 5 thousand years. Knowledge was passed orally from master to pupil for thousands of years. There are 3 kinds of energy, vata, pitta and kapha (from sanskrit) “All people have the qualities of vata, pitta and kapha, but one is usually primary, one secondary and the third is usually least prominent. The cause of disease in Ayurveda is viewed as a lack of proper cellular function due to an excess or deficiency of vata, pitta or kapha. Disease can also be caused by the presence of toxins.”

Medical practitioners in India

“..More than 1.5 million practitioners are using the traditional medicinal system for health care in India. There are currently about 250,000 registered medical practitioners of the Ayurvedic system, as compared to about 700,000 of the modern medicine. In India, around 20,000 medicinal plants have been recorded; however, traditional practitioners use only 7,000–7,500 plants for curing different diseases. The proportion of use of plants in the different Indian systems of medicine is Ayurveda 2000, Siddha 1300, Unani 1000, Homeopathy 800, Tibetan 500, Modern 200, and folk 4500. In India, around 25,000 effective plant-based formulations are used in traditional and folk medicine…”

There are 702 AYUSH colleges with five-and-a-half-year degree courses and three-year postgraduate courses and 800,000 registered practitioners with more than 28,000 public dispensaries and 3,200 hospitals.  Ayush Ministry



Ayurvedic health supplement: . A cooked mixture of sugar, honey, ghee, Indian gooseberry (amla) jam, sesame oil, berries and between 25 and 80 herbs and spices according to the brand. It is very vitamin c rich due to the amla. A spoonful is taken religiously before breakfast by most Indians to maintain good health and ward off ill health. It is similar in concept to Theriac which was taken by all Europeans who could afford it from the second century AD to the first half of the 18th century. Theriac was regarded as a universal panacea.

Kadha for colds and flu


Kadha: Ayurvedic herbal tea traditionally used by Indians to fight colds and flu. It can be made from scratch in the home. Between 5 and 12 powerful anti-viral spices and herbs are used depending on the particular recipe.

Aarogya Setu

Smartphone tracking app which uses the smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth features to track the coronavirus infection. The app is available for Android[6] and iOS.  It tells how many COVID-19 positive cases are likely in a radius of 500 m, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km and 10 km from the user. Launched on 2 April 2020 and reached 100 million installs by 13th May. All government employees must download the app and consult it before setting out to work and can commute only when the app shows low or safe risk.

Baba Ramdev

Charismatic, larger than life yoga guru based in Haridwar,  a Hindu pilgrimage town where the river Ganges exits the Himalayas in Northern India. Ramdev founded Patanjali Ayurved in 2006 with a friend (the friend holds a 99.6% stake) to make ayurvedic products according to Ayurvedic wisdom but using the latest technology.

Ramdev does not take a salary. The company makes and sells ayurvedic remedies and household goods and now has an annual turnover of around 1.4 billion US dollars.

Ramdev practices and teaches yoga in front of an auditorium of hundreds of students every day from 4 am to 8am and often, also from 5 to 7.30 pm. The sessions are televised to an audience of millions. An 87 episode tv biographical serial on Ramdev’s life has been aired and can be seen on netflix. Ramdev is a personal friend of Modhi. Ramdev claims that regular practice of pranayama, a yoga breathing exercise can cure aids and cancer and turn grey hair black. (Indian gurus in the past have often turned out to have feet of clay).


Coronil kit
Coronil kit sold by Patanjali

A kit of 3 components: a) Swasari, a traditional ayurvedic remedy for asthma, lung infections, bronchitis and pneumonia made from 16 herbs. 1 tablet before meals. b) Anu taila, traditional ayurvedic remedy nasal oil. Apply to the nostrils. 3 drops in nostrils in the morning with empty stomach. c) Coronil: extracts of pure Giloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha. Take 3 tablets, morning, afternoon and night. Initially promoted by Ramdev as a cure for coronavirus but due to a backlash from the Indian Medical Association is now sold only as an “immunity booster”. (See “timeline” further on).  Chris’s notes:  a) while Tulsi (basil) is a wonderful herb it is “goitrogenic”.  That means it blocks the uptake of iodine by the thyroid.  I recommend to my Indian friends and everyone else to take 4 or 5 drops of Lugol’s iodine in some water in the morning whether your are taking tulsi or not..  Not iodine tincture – that’s a poison b) In severe infection cases, (always caused by  vitamin d deficiency) the virus can cause cytokine storm, an overreaction of the immune system.  Tulsi is an immune modulator which dampens the immune reaction, so tulsi and Kadha made with tulsi are in fact the opposite of “immune boosters”.

The World Health Organisation

World Health Organisation HQ
World Health Organisation HQ in Geneva, Switzerland

Mission statement: “WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. Our goal is to ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and well-being.”  It is the opinion of the author of this website that the WHO is a corrupt organisation.  A front for the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, Gates and their associates to peddle their pharma and vaccine only Rockefeller medicine to the world, all the while posing as our benefactors and to deliberately damage the world population’s health. Another tool to weaken national governments and reinforce the anarcho-tyranny of a mafia banking cabal otherwise known as the “globalist oligarchy”. I prove this sweeping allegation here

here and here

Indian Medical Association.

Campaigns against encroachment of Ayurveda (“mixopathy”) on what they regard as their territory.



Village head. “.. A sarpanch or gram pradhan or mukya is a decision-maker, elected by the village-level constitutional body of local self-government called the Gram Sabha (village government) in India. The sarpanch, together with other elected panchayat members (referred to as commissioners or a panch), constitute the gram panchayat. The sarpanch is the focal point of contact between government officers and the village community and retains power for five years…” Wikipedia

Timeline of Corona Pandemic events in India:

March Ministry of Ayush publishes “Ayurveda’s immunity boosting measures for self care during COVID 19 crisis” including drinking Kadha every day. (Their recipe includes 5 ingredients: Tulsi (Basil), Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger and Raisin. (Note: my video editor Shahanil’s mum’s recipe has 12 ingredients)

22nd March 2020

 Video on how to make Kadha. One and half million views English subtitles (Click on gear symbol)

24th March 2020 Confirmed coronavirus cases 500. Lockdown announced for 21 days. Borders closed. Railway passenger services suspended. All domestic & International flights suspended. Hundreds of millions of workers are left stranded with no jobs and no money. Thousands of migrant workers return home. Many on foot. Many die from exhaustion or are killed in road accidents. Community kitchens are set up to feed them.

26th March 2020   Twitter thread about the plight of migrant workers

29th March 2020 Union (national) Government orders states to halt the movement of migrant workers, shift them to shelter/relief camps and provide them with basic amenities, food and water.  21,000 relief camps were set up,  nearly 7 mlllion given shelter and 23 million people were provided with food.

3rd April 2020. Growth rate of new cases 22.6 %

17th April 2020  Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issues  “Updated Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks” No mention of Ayush protocols. HCQ for asymptomatic health workers and contacts of confirmed cases. In severe cases under medical supervision: HCQ and azithromycin. (Chris’s notes azithromycin is an antibiotic. It will not kill viruses. Broad Spectrum Antibiotics are standard therapy at the start of intensive care of any kind of pneumonia see  see 12.27 in “ICU 101” In Europe and the USA, HCQ for coronavirus is controversial. The FDA withdrew emergency authorisation on June 15 2020)

24th April 2020. Prime Minister Modhi broadcasts and takes questions on video link with village heads across India on Panyati Raj (traditonal village self government) day with the minister for Panyati Raj by his side. He says: “..There are some good practices in our villages and one of them is drinking ‘kadha’. Another is doing ‘pranayam’. I suggest you do this. They are not cures for any disease but ways to boost your immunity that will help you fight diseases..” “…The Prime Minister urged the village heads to proactively request villagers to download the Aarogya Setu mobile application that, the PM claimed, will go a long way in working as “bodyguard”…”

28th April 2020   The state of Gujarat distributes ayurvedic medicines “to boost immunity” to 12 million people. (Chris says: if you know of other similar cases please leave details in the comments below)

30th April 2020  Ministry of Ayush posts a video on Facebook. How to make Kadha.

“A healthy immune system paves the way for a healthy life. Boost your immune system against infection with Ayurvedic immunity-boosting kaaddha”

2,000 views. Facebook shadow bans  this by putting a series of distracting videos straight underneath in the comments.

5th May 2020. Growth rate of new cases 5.5 %.  Special trains are laid on for migrant workers and students to return home. They have to be nominated by state governments and be asymptomatic to return home. They have to pay the fare.

23rd June 2020 Ramdev announces his firm Patanjali’s Coronil as cure for coronavirus.

June 25th 2020 Maharashtra home minister (National Congress Party) bans the sale of coronil in Maharashstrat state. “Maharashtra won’t allow the sale of spurious medicine,” state minister Anil Deshmukh tweeted on Thursday, adding authorities would probe whether any clinical trials had been run. (Source Reuters).  Note that a) ransomized, double blind, clinical traisl were rung in March 2020.  b)  Maharashtra was and continues to be the worst hit state.

27th June 2020 Newlaundry youtube video “..This week, we saw TV news anchors turn into cheerleaders for  RamDev​ and his wonder medicine,  Coronil​. From AajTak​ to RepublicTV​ to News18​ to ABP​ to TimesNow​, everyone turned into a brand partner for Baba Ji’s Buti and helped in marketing the so-called cure for Corona. Is anyone surprised?…”

In video, Ramdev Claims:

100% recovery in 7 days

 Ramdev shows labs with animal testing facilities to develop evidence based formulations

Patanjali was first ayurvedic supplier to do this

With the advent of coronavirus develop triherbal preparation

Evidence based clinical trials

69% of people recovered in 3 days. 100% recovered in one week. No death, no complications.
Coronil, Swasari and Anu taila

Shows kit 

Can work without the support of yoga

All normal research methods have been followed. Swasari for respiration, Coronil for prevention

 Instructions on how to take the medicines

 Can be taken as a preventative measure to prevent infection

As a preventative measure you can also mix ashwaganda, gilroy and turmeric in milk

Over 1,000 patients were involved in the trial

8.5 millions units (85 lakh in Indian English) sold in the first 4 months)

By May 2020 many Indian media outlets are promoting the use of Kadha as an “immunity booster” and giving various recipes for making it. (Note from Chris: the ingredients have strong antiviral and other useful properties. I believe that they actually kill the virus. See studies below. They are not “immune boosters”.  Coronavirus causes cytokine storm. Many of the ingredients help dampen the immune system’s overreaction to the virus)

1st July 2020 Prime Minister Modhi introduces a Kadha recipe on youtube. It gets 12 million views.

6th August 2020 Demand for  coronil at 1 million ( 10 lakh) per day according to Ramdev (source the HIndu) But Patanjali unable to meet demand.

September 17th 2020  Peak of confirmed cases at nearly 100 thousand.  Deaths: 1,132 From that point on both cases and deaths go into steep decline.  See figures for March 4.

September 29 2020. Times of India reports on a study where ayurvedic remedies were compared to standard allopathic treatment for coronavirus. The study included “severe” and elderly patients. The ayurvedic remedies were the clear winner.

October 27th  Patanjali produces 70-80,000 coronil kits a day

4th February 2021. Original double blind placebo randomized study on coronil for coronavirus patients published in a peer reviewed journal: “…Results: By day 3, 71.1 % and 50.0 % patients recovered in the treatment and placebo groups, respectively. Treatment group witnessed 100 % recovery by day 7, while it was 60.0 % in the placebo group….”  (This is of course what Ramdev was referring to in his video but he knew that it would take some time for the study to be peer reviewed, perhaps revisions asked for then published.)

26th February Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India’s apex scientific research organisation,

27th October 2020 241 million Coronil kits sold. Interesting comment by head of Ayurveda hospital chain

November 19 2020 Times of India

This following story is so tragic:  The Times of India getting the corrupt information from the British NHS website.  If only they had broadcast the true story.  Namely that  an adequate daily dose, i.e.  5,000 i.u’s and 10,000 i.u.s for those with co-morbidities and the over 60’s and obese would close down coronavirus over night.  I prove it here .

“…Scientists and researchers have continued to study the link between Vitamin D and its effect on COVID-19. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found that about 82.2 percent of 216 COVID-19 patients were deficient in Vitamin D. The study also highlighted a higher prevalence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, which lead to longer stays in the hospitals for COVID-19 patients….”

“…The NHS says to avoid taking more than 100mcg of vitamin D in a single day, whether it’s an adult or children between the age of 11 to 17 years. For most people, 10mcg (400 i.u.’s) of vitamin D should be enough, it added.

While taking supplements may be an easy option. However, adhering to a more natural way of attaining Vitamin D is recommended. A bask in the sun or a Vitamin D rich diet can always prove healthy and a better option…”

November 2020 Sales of coronil reach 10 million (1 crore in Indian English))

December 2020

Chat with Navneet  (in February) . Questions: 1. Which Indian languages do you speak apart from English?  2. Do you use an ayurvedic recipe against covid yourself? Question 1 : answer: – I can Speak Hindi, Punjabi, And Dogri. Question 2- answer- Yes, We are using ” Coronil ” made by Patanjali ( Baba Ramdev). And some time Immunity-boosting kadha  When did you start using coronil?  Answer: before 2 months ago. (December) and not using now.  Why are you not using it now? Answer: Because everything is fine now in our area OK. I understand. Is that because everyone was taking coronil?  answer: before 2 months there are 2 active cases in our area but now they all recovered and fine now yes, To increase Immunity power everyone use it

4th February 2021. Article published in the peer reviewed Journal “Phytomedicine” on the original trial of Coronil (Ramdev alluded to the results in his June 2020 video, see above) .Randomized placebo-controlled pilot clinical trial on the efficacy of ayurvedic treatment regime on COVID-19 positive patients. Devpura et al 2021. “…By day 3, 71.1 % and 50.0 % patients recovered in the treatment and placebo groups, respectively. Treatment group witnessed 100 % recovery by day 7, while it was 60.0 % in the placebo group….”   “… There was 40 % absolute reduction in the risk of delayed recovery from infection in the treatment group…”

19th February Press conference
Ramdev at 19th February 2021 Press Conference with Health Minister

19th February 2021 Ramdev holds press conference to announce the release of the study on Coronil carried out in March 2020 in a peer reviewed journal.  A banner reads “first evidence based medicine for Covid-19”

23rd February 2021 Sales of Coronil banned by state of Maharashtra. “…State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said that the sale of Coronil without proper certification from competent health organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and others will not be allowed in Maharashtra….”  (Chris’s note:  it will be interesting to compare the infection and death rate for Maharasthtra from February 2021 onwards and compare it to the rest of India.)

March 4th 2021  15 thousand confirmed cases and 98 deaths without vaccinations This is a steep decline since the peak on September 17th with 100 thousand cases and 1,200 deaths. (source: WHO dashboard)

How my video editor Shahanil’s mum makes Kadha 

“…Licorice root, Coriander seeds, Ocimum sanctum (holy basil aka tulsi), raisins, Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi), mint, tumeric, Fennel seeds, cloves, ginger, Cinnamon stick and Cardamom.this is my mom’s recipe.others use it with much or less the same ingredients.and yes the media widely covers it. People here use whatsapp, so the recipes or such videos get viral way sooner, than the mainstream media….”

“…also one thing that I missed is, the use of gold when brewing, so my mom typically uses the gold ring, during the brewing process. Also once the ingredients go into the vessel at say 7am, then water is added as and when required, until the end of that day. The next day we take fresh ingredients and make the brew….”

I checked out the studies on those herbs and wow!  That is one powerful antiviral brew.  I asked Shahanil to fill us in on the real, unofficial story of how India beat the coronavirus, not with lockdowns and vaccines but with traditional ayurvedic medicine. More on that later on. First though, let me dispel any doubts you may have that Shahanil’ mum’s Ayurvedic recipe called “Kadha” is a quack remedy. Every single one of the different elements in the brew is a powerful anti-viral. Don’t believe me?

    • licorice root: “…Among the components isolated from licorice, 73 bioactive components and 91 potential targets have been identified to date1. Many studies have demonstrated that two triterpenoids, GL16, 17 and GA18, are responsible for the antiviral activity…” Jump to Study 1
    • Coriander seeds: “..Coriander seeds contain approximately 0.4-1.7% linalool (a compound with documented antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and spasmolytic activity) and 0.8-1.4% alpha-pinene (an antimicrobial compound that also helps to loosen bronchial secretions and is classified as an expectorant)…” Jump to Study 2
  • Ocimum sanctue (holy basil aka tulsi): “…Ayurveda’s use of medicinal and culinary herbs draws upon India’s incredible biodiversity with a variety that is unsurpassed by any medical system; yet, of all the herbs used, none has a status comparable to tulsi or holy basil (Ocimum sanctum)….” “..The medicinal properties of tulsi have been studied in hundreds of scientific studies including in vitro, animal and human experiments. These studies reveal that tulsi has a unique combination of actions that include: Antimicrobial (including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, antimalarial, anthelmintic), mosquito repellent, anti-diarrheal, anti-oxidant, anti-cataract, anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive, radioprotective, hepato-protective, neuro-protective, cardio-protective, anti-diabetic, anti-hypercholesterolemia, anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic, anti-pyretic, anti-allergic, immunomodulatory, central nervous system depressant, memory enhancement, anti-asthmatic, anti-tussive (tussive = coughing), diaphoretic, anti-thyroid, anti-fertility, anti-ulcer, anti-emetic, anti-spasmodic, anti-arthritic, adaptogenic, anti-stress, anti-cataract, anti-leukodermal and anti-coagulant activities…” Jump to Study 3
  • raisins: “….An infusion of seedless raisins, at both the natural ph and ph 7.0 inactivated several viruses…” Jump to Study 12
  • Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi): “…The in silico study (means molecular computer modelling) performed using tools of network pharmacology, molecular docking including molecular dynamics have revealed that among all considered phytochemicals in Tinospora cordifolia, berberine can regulate 3CLpro protein’s function due to its easy inhibition and thus can control viral replication. The selection of Tinospora cordifolia was motivated by the fact that the main constituents of it are known to be responsible for various antiviral activities…” Jump to Study 4
  • mint: “..Many pharmacologic studies also have shown that M. piperita L. possesses antioxidant, cytotoxic, antiallergenic, antiviral, and antibacterial activities with few side effects…” Jump to Study 5
  • turmeric: “….Advantage of curcumin over other important natural agents with reported anti‐inflammatory activities such as zerumbone (Prasannan et al., 2012), thymoquinone (Siveen, Mustafa, et al., 2014), honokiol (Rajendran et al., 2012), escin (Tan et al., 2010), pinitol (Sethi, Ahn, Sung, & Aggarwal, 2008), and tocotrienols (Siveen, Ahn, et al., 2014) is that it has additional antiviral, antiemetic, antinociceptive,(means reduces pain) antifatigue, and bronchodilator effects that previously has been discussed in this review. Also, it has significant protective effects in the ARDS model in animal studies. These mentioned effects help us to conclude that curcumin has the potential to be effective against COVID‐19 infection….” Jump to Study 6
  • fennel seeds: “…Fennel has anti‐oxidant, anti‐inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, immunomodulatory effects….” Jump to Study 7
  • cloves: “….The antiviral activity of eugeniin, a compound isolated from S. aromaticum and from Geum japonicum, was tested against herpes virus strains being effective at 5 µg/mL, and it was deducted that one of the major targets of eugeniin is the viral DNA synthesis by the inhibition of the viral DNA polymerase…” Jump to Study 8
  • ginger: “…Fresh ginger dose-dependently inhibited viral attachment (p<0.0001) and internalization (p<0.0001). Fresh ginger of high concentration could stimulate mucosal cells to secrete IFN-β that possibly contributed to counteracting viral infection…” Jump to Study 9
  • cinnamon stick: “…Cinnamon is a traditional Indian medicine which is being used from hundreds of year to relieve various lung-related disorders includes pneumonia, infectious disease, as well as malignant pleural effusion (Lai et al., 2018; Townsend et al., 2013). Recently, several studies also provided scientific data to support and unveil its antiparasitic, antihypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-hyperlipedimic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antitumor, anti-hypertension, anti-hyperlipemic, gastro-protective and immunomodulation activities….” Jump to Study 10
  • cardamon: “…In vitro studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of cardamom…” Jump to Study 11

In silico (molecular computer modelling) study.. “…we used molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation approach to explore the beneficial roles of phytochemicals and active pharmacological agents present in the Indian herbs which are widely used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines in the form of Kadha to control various respiratory disorders such as cough, cold and flu….” “…Overall our study provides scientific justification in terms of binding of active ingredients present in different plants used in Kadha preparation with viral proteins and target proteins for prevention and treatment of the COVID-19…” Jump to Study 13

Case study: severe covid patient recovers with Ayurveda:

A Patient with severe symptoms including hypoxia (very low level of oxygen in the blood) refuses western medicine, takes ayurvedic medicine only and recovers in one day! (This was not Kadha. She consulted by video link with an Ayurvedic physician and was prescribed various Ayurvedic preparations) She was obese. (Chris’s comment: That means she was vitamin d deficient as all obese people are. So that will be why she had severe symptoms.). Jump to Study 14

So stuff your Frankenstein/pharma medicine where the sun don’t shine Bill Gates.  By the way the now Gates funded BBC is not covering this story. They are telling us a load of guff about how the reason for the vertiginous decline in new cases in India is a mystery. (Similar to the video report at the head of this page)

“Non WHO approved remedies” suppressed by the mainstream media


Times of India report on Ayurvedic remedy for coronavirus

Times of India report. Here is the Times of India article

Note that the date of publication is 29th September. Now look at the graph. Do you notice that the article coincides almost exactly with the steep decline in new cases? OK,
the decline started a few days before but this could be accounted for by knowledge of the effectiveness of the remedy going viral via whatsapp before being picked up by the media.

So let’s see what the article says:

“..Highlighting the success rate of natural treatment, the interim report added that over 85 per cent of patients who were given the combination treatment of Ayurveda and Nutraceutical tested negative for COVID-19 on day 5 itself. While 60 per cent of those who were given conventional treatment for COVID-19 tested negative for coronavirus on day 5. It should be noted that all the patients in the trial tested negative on the 10th day….”


“…It should be noted that none of the patients who were given the natural treatment progressed into developing severe symptoms or needed life support. The patients for this trial also included elderlies (patients up to 70 years) and those with co-morbidities, hence distinguishing this trial from others which made use of the natural treatment as it included broader criteria of patients…”

So Coronil was not the only ayurvedic remedy available.

Here is a youtube video from Times of India dated 1st July. But only 7,000 views and 2 comments. Was youtube shadowbanning this?  I think it likely.

The remedy consisted of a “…an Ayurvedic remedy known as “‘Immunofree” by the Corival Life Sciences, and ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica which is a Nutraceutical…”   Both of these can be purchased from amazon.india. Immunofree and Regenimmune

The results of the trial would normally be available with a search on pubmed but I can find no record of the results of the trial. Here is the notification of the start of the earlier trial for “mild to moderate” cases. That trial was scheduled to end in December 2020. We know from the Times of India article that due to the results a further trial was extended to patients with co-morbidities and 70 year olds. (Note: life expectancy in India is 69 years so these are elderly patients in Indian terms).

So the trail goes cold. Were the results of both studies suppressed? Or is it just that the study article has to be peer reviewed and that takes some time.  I will keep any eye out for the eventual article.  Neither of the products can be purchased on Flipkart  (Coronil is listed) which is the Indian version of ebay and there are only a few reviews on Amazon suggesting that the listing on Amazon is not very dependable.  `(Gates has a big stake in Amazon through his tax dodging foundation remember).

Here is the only other youtube video I could find on Ayurvedic concoctions for covid.  Made by India Today and released on the 3rd September.  Only 1,800 views and 2 reviews.   I suspect that this again has been shadow banned by youtube.

Pharmacy in Katmandu, Nepal
Pharmacy in Katmandu, Nepal, March 2020

Pharmacy in Katmandu, Nepal, March 2020. Pharmacies were thronged despite government lockdown.  Note that Nepal if anything has an even stronger traditional medicine culture than India, including ayurveda.  The death rate in Nepal for Coronavirus infections is 0.1 % !  I will try to get the story in Nepal. Make sure you allow notifications.

I will be adding more to this story. In the meantime, See how the scam can be over everywhere in 5 minutes. See also how the medical profession is lying to us.


Summary and Conclusions on the Coronavirus decline in India

By June and July everyone in India was a) taking their spoonful of chywanprash before breakfast and brewing their Kadha for the day. b) consulting their Aarogya Setu app to see the rate of infection locally and if they were a fan of Baba Ramdev and the local case rate was high they would also have been taking their Coronil amd  Swasari tablet and putting Anu taila drops in their nostrils.  Those who shunned Coronil were probably washing out their nostrils with a saline solution.

There is no doubt in my mind that the anti-viral , anti-inflammatory and immuno modulating herbs in these teas and medications kill the virus.  I believe that many Indians were infected and became asymptomatic carriers without even knowing about it. Herd immunity should therefore be easy to achieve in India without the need for the accursed vaccines.  The kadha and coronil and other ayurvedic formulations will take care of any new mutant strains. All they have to do is keep the faith and keep drinking their kadha and/or taking their Coronil. Even better if they read my blog posts and realise that the one universal panacea is an adequate daily dose of vitamin d and that high dose vitamin c as intravenous, or oral in small divided doses throughout the day or lipospheric will kill any microbe.

I would advise them also to take 5,000 i.u’s of vitamin d (healthy adult dose) daily and 10,000 i.u.s for the over 60’s, the obese and those with existing conditions and the Times of India should get their information from this website, not the corrupt NHS website.

(Note:  I tried to find figures for Indians testing positive but asymptomatic to make my point that ayurvedic home remedies and medicines have acted like the vaccines are supposed to do, but without the deaths and injuries. There are no reliable statistics though. Here is a graph showing that at the peak in India in September there were one and a half million testing symptomatic and 4.5 million testing unsymptomatic. I could not find a similar graph for UK or USA. I think the comparison would be telling. Just how many in the untested general population were infected but unsymptomatic at that point? Impossible to tell of course.

But as with anything to do with Covid-19, nothing we are told is reliable. Everything is hyped by our masters through the WHO, corrupt governments and media.  Are the tests accurate?  Is reporting of deaths accurate? These epidemiologists COVID-19: What proportion are asymptomatic? talk about “the fog of war”. Nerdspeak for it’s all hooey. I think the most reliable information comes from my video editor Shahanil who says that: “..A lot of people here have had mild cold and cough, but nothing severe, hence no one voluntarily goes for a test or checkup…”)



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