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On this page I give you answers to your questions:

    • How long before you can see remission on the Seignalet diet?
    • Can you be sure of achieving remission?

We will use vitamin d therapy,  food combining, amino therapy , hypernutrition (juicing) and high dose vitamin c as adjuncts to the diet to make sure that 100% remission is achieved fast, every time,  with no “detox” side effects.

Time needed for remission on the Seignalet diet?

Dr. Seignalet found that the time needed for his diet to work varied a great deal between patients.  Some started to see their disease symptoms starting to disappear after only a couple of weeks on the diet,  others needed as long as a year.

Can you speed up time needed for remission?

Here are some things which I think can :

  1. Speed up the time needed to obtain remission.
  2. Make sure that full remission is always obtained.
  3. Help you avoid any unpleasant detox symptoms.

Dr. Seignalet made no recommendations for vitamin d supplementation but Dr. Seignalet died in 2002, several years before the research of Dr. Holick and others showed the importance of adequate vitamin d levels.

In every chronic disease, vitamin d deficiency is implicated

So I looked up each disease in  Dr. Seignalet’s results tables to see if there was a vitamin d study concerning that disease.  What I found was that for every single disease,  vitamin d deficiency was implicated.

The Fibromyalgia clues

In Fibromyalgia for example,  where most of the people on the Seignalet diet had complete remissions, a study found that Fibromyalgia patients were all vitamin d deficient. After supplementation with 50,000 iu’s of vitamin d a week for several weeks the patients had an average of 75% improvement of their symptoms.  (Would they have had even more improvement with a higher dose?  The much higher dose that you could obtain without toxicity using my home tanning bed for example).

!00% remissions in all cases with combined therapy?

So this raises 2 questions:

1. Would the patients in the vitamin d study have all had 100% remissions if they had also been following the Seignalet diet?   I believe they would.

2. Were the 8 out of 80 patients who failed to see improvement on the Seignalet diet severely vitamin d deficient?  Would they have seen some improvement with aggressive vitamin d supplementation?  Likewise the 4 out of 80 who only had 50% improvements on the Seignalet diet and the 10 out of 80 who had 90% improvements.  Would they have had 100% remissions if they were following the Seignalet diet AS WELL AS aggressive vitamin d supplementation?  I believe that they would.

More tricks: food combining

In my version of the Seignalet diet I use some more tricks to make it even more powerful.

A.  I use Hayes/Shelton food combining.  (See my article on what Saynyalistas can learn from other diet systems.) This is a one hundred year old nutritional system for obtaining optimum health which many thousands of people still use and swear by.  The best selling book “Fit for Life” by the Diamonds tells you how to food combine.  Seignalet recommends having only one animal protein meal per day and food combining recommends to have a concentrated protein meal without concentrated carbohydrates and a concentrated carbohydrate meal without concentrated protein.  So it’s not much of a stretch to give the Seignalet diet a food combining twist and if we eliminate all grains except for quinoa, rice and buckwheat from the food combining diet, voila,  we have the Seignalet diet.

B. The Seignalet diet is designed to heal your gut.  Once it has healed, no more macromolecules from poorly digested food will penetrate the gut wall and end up in your tissues.  Your immune system will then start a process of house cleaning to clean wastes from your cells and the spaces between your cells and you will obtain remission or prevent 100 diseases if you are using it as a lifestyle diet.  We will use amino therapy to heal the gut really fast combined with hypernutrition juices for optimum vitamin a and other nutrients.  See my turbocharged version of the Seignalet diet.

HBE  to heal your gut/detox/supply optimal vitamin a

My Healthiest Breakfast Ever (HBE) mark I   and mark II are delicious cocktails designed to heal your gut even quicker.  Mark I contains 600 grams of carrots.  Do not use this if you are using a tanning bed or sun exposure to get your vitamin d as carrots contain furanocoumarins,  also known as furocoumarins which are phototoxic when they are in your skin cells.  See the video in my 10 part series about tanning and vitamin d:  “Part 5: 3 overlooked risk factors for melanoma”.

My Healthiest Breakfast Ever mark I and mark II both contain fresh black radish juice. This will stimulate bile and the bile will have 2  effects.  a) it will remove toxins from your liver very fast so that they don’t recirculate in your blood stream and cause unpleasant detox effects and b) it will transform the beta carotene in the HBE (either in carrots in mark I or in beetroot in mark II) into the final, animal form of vitamin a which your body can use called retinol.  The cells lining your gut wall love retinol.

Get optimum vitamin d with the Pauling Protocol

As a final health booster I recommend using the Pauling protocol.  This involves taking a large amount of vitamin c in micro doses in water throughout the day.  I personally dissolve 12 grams (2 tablespoonfuls) in water every day, decant into a glass bottle and then take a sip every hour. Make sure you read my blog post on how to to take vitamin c  to bowel tolerance as too much vitamin c will give you diarrhea.   The vitamin c will help you detox very effectively.

How much quicker to get results and how much more effective is my Seignaletplus protocol than just the Seignalet diet on its own?  There is no way of ever being able to tell but I think my additions will turbocharge what is the only proven therapy apart from fasting or the Gerson therapy which reverses so called “incurable” diseases.   The main thing is that the bile stimulating effect of the black radish will make your detox much easier so that it’s safe to go fast.




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