The medical profession are lunatics!

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I’ve spent a month researching on pubmed how to reverse the effects of the clot shot death jab.

More confirmation that doctors are complete lunatics. Pretty well all chronic diseases are caused by vitamin d deficiency. The medical profession’s answer to the pain that goes with them? Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAID’s) which damage the lining of the stomach and the intestine and cause “leaky gut” which is the main cause of the disease in the first place. (Studies on mice show an adequate supply of vitamin d prevents leaky gut).  So a nice profitable vicious spiral to make sure we remain diseased. Ginger does everything NSAID’s do but much better, without side effects and it reverses the damage caused by the NSAID’S. (see the article on ginger on my website  .) I’ve just found out that corticosteroids, the treatment given after the NSAID’S fail knocks out the vitamin d receptors in your cells!

So this is the cascade: 1. disease caused by vitamin d deficiency, 2. NSAID’S prescribed for pain – worsen the disease 3.  when NSAID’s no longer give any relief corticosteroids are prescribed. They knock out your vitamin d receptors and so make sure the limited vitamin d you have in your body doesn’t work. When you are half dead from the effects of the corticosteroids they prescribe immune suppressants to give you drug induced AIDS!

The covid scam could have been over in 5 minutes and still can be. “Dissident” doctors push HCQ and ivermecin. These are safe treatments but they are drugs. Doctors can’t bring themselves to prescribe something natural like vitamin d and high dose vitamin c (watch my videos to see how to safely do high dose vitamin c and high dose vitamin d at home) because that would be admitting that we don’t need doctors.
The covid scam could have been over in 5 minutes: 

The medical profession is lying to us. We don’t need them.

The “vaxx” is only effective in producing injuries and deaths. It does not protect you from covid-19.

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Taster no. 1:

…The optimizing healing of hyperreactive myocardial infarction under the influence of glucosamine is mediated through the mechanisms of reactivity and the regulation of metabolic processes….

Taster no. 2:

…Recently, vitamin D3-induced autophagy has been reported. Autophagy is a lysosome-mediated catabolic pathway classified into three different types: macroautophagy, microautophagy, and chaperone-mediated autophagy. Autophagy contributes to anti-aging, antimicrobial defense, and tumor suppression. The functions of autophagy overlap remarkably with those of vitamin D/VDR signaling….
…The housekeeping function of autophagy is to maintain cellular energy levels and cell survival by recycling amino acids and fatty acids during periods of metabolic stress,,,,
…Remarkably, the functions of autophagy overlap with those of the vitamin D/VDR (vitamin d receptor) signalling….

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