People who die from Covid-19 die from vitamin d deficiency

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We are being lied to!

We are told by the UK National Health Service, youtube dermatologists, the Canadian Cancer society and various other cancer “charity” websites that if 3 rays of UVB from the sun or a tanning bed hit our skin we will develop instant melanoma and die a horrible death. This is a lie!   First of all, Stage one melanomas are easily cured. Use my video to learn how to check your skin. Secondly, 80% of Melanomas are on the face and neck and this is the justification for saying that they are caused by the sun’s rays. But 90% of those melanomas on the head and neck are on the cheeks!. They are caused by dental x rays for God’s sake! Vitamin d deficiency is strongly implcated in all chronic diseases including cancer. Building up your vitamin d levels by sensible sun or tanning bed exposure or vitamin d supplementation will make you less likely to develop melanoma.

Phoney Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA)
The US National Academy of Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine, gives the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin d as 600 iu’s. The UK NHS gives the RDA as an even more corrupt and pathetic 400 i.u’s. These amounts might just about prevent a 3 year old from developing rickets. Dr. Hollick has 560 published papers on Vitamin D metabolism many of them as lead author.
List of Dr. Hollick’s publications in peeer reviewed medical journals

Here is the RDA from honest experts
He recommends 5,000 iu’s. Many people with chronic diseases have a vitamin d receptor genetic polymorphism and need far more. This is the case with Multiple Sclerosis for example. Professor Coimbra in Brazil puts MS patients into remission with huge doses of vitamin d.  (You need to be followed by a Coimbra trained doctor who can administer periodic testing). List of Coimbra doctors worldwide  Dr. Coimbra says we need 10,000 iu’s. Dr. Schwalfenberg in Canada says we need 8,800 iu’s. In every single chronic disease, vitamin d deficiency is implicated. Trust me, I’ve done the research. I run a sequence of studies for 80 different chronic diseases in the video below. In every one of them vitamin d deficiency is implicated.

The real vitamin d story is on this page
If you want to know the real story about UVB light from the sun and from tanning beds and not the lies peddled by a corrupt and ignorant medical profession who want to keep you dependent on their drugs and vaccines, you’ve come to the right place. (That last sentence should guarantee that google will bury me in their search results. If I get a following it might also get me killed by the spooks!)

Watch my videos so you cannot be manipulated

Make sure that you watch the videos on this page so that you know the real story and can resist being manipulated by the present 2020/2021 covid scam and and the inevitable future pandemic hoaxes. There are no virus pandemics, only vitamin d deficiency pandemics. Any doctors want to argue with me? Fine. That’s what the comments are for. But be prepared for a rhetorical bloody nose backed up by peer reviewed studies!

Does miso soup kill covid-19?
By the way, I just discovered that the infection and death rate in Japan is minimal thanks to an anti-viral polysaccharide in the Kelp they use to make miso soup which every self respecting Japanese eats after every meal. (see the references in my comments for the video) 28 Health benefits of Miso soup Many of them eat it for breakfast too. Green tea and nigella sativa oil also kill the virus.

So let’s kick off with the videos.

The 2 natural, God given “vaccines” which kill covid-19 and any other virus
Warning. The video is very long because I made it to contain all the facts that a medical malpractice lawyer would need if you were treated in an ICU without vitamin c intravenous being given. Don’t pay the bill! Sue! No-one with covid-19 (or any acute infection) needs to die. If your relative died, sue for breach of the Hippocratic Oath!

Tips for watching the bitchute video (below) on the 2 natural “vaccines”:

  • Watch in x1.25 or x1.5 speed where you find my delivery slow.
  • Watch in 2 or 3 or more sessions. (It’s long and detailed)
  • 0:00 to 8:57 intro
  • 8:57 to 25:22. ICU 101
  • 25:22 to 1:24.00. High dose vitamin c intravenous (IVC) prevents the need for intensive care in acute infection. I show you the studies and how the medical mafia is trying to suppress this protocol with phoney studies. I show you why they are phoney.
  • 1:24.00 to end. Vitamin D. The studies which prove it works to kill viruses. What dose to take? The vitamin d “hammer”. Protocol given to avoid infection. DIY protocol in case of acute infection. You don’t need to hit pause to read every medical excerpt insert. Come back and watch a second time and re ad the ones which interest you.
    I give you a protocol to avoid infection in the first place and another “failsafe” emergency protocol in case of acute infection to keep you out of a death trap ICU. At the very end I run excerpts from 80 studies on 80 different chronic diseases proving that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every one.

Dermatologists are lying about sun and tanning bed exposure!

This next video shows how the medical profession and particularly youtube dermatologists are telling lies about exposure to the sun and tanning beds and melanoma. I catch them in the act of lying.