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      Chris Parkinson

      This video interview by an Australian with John O’Looney was posted on September 20th. Youtube are co-conspirators so I have no doubt that the video is being shadow banned. (Example; no matter how hard I try I can’t embed it so it starts at the beginning. So wind it back to view).We’v made a copy in case it gets removed.

      John talks about the phoney pandemic from his personal experience as an undertaker. We need to take him deadly seriously (Despite his name which makes it look like a hoax. Everything checks out.)

      I’ve attached 2 pdfs. One is the transcript of the video and the other is my point by point summary. This are the main points of what John is saying:

      There is no pandemic. The whole thing is a manipulation. The delta variant is vaccine injuries. (See NHS health worker’s comment underneaath). The goal is de-population. In the next 5 years all those who got the jab will die. There is absolutely no reason to give children the jab. He knows of no child who was infected. The reason they are so desperate to jab children is to either kill them or make them sterile so that they can’t repopulate. Those who refuse the jab will be put in detention centres. (It’s already happening. They are called quarantine centres.) We will be “euthanised”. John says we need to wake up. Nurses and undertakers need to come forward and speak out.

      Let’s use this forum for:
      1. Personal testimonies of those who were treated in hospital for covid.
      2 Personal testimonies of people who have been vaccine injured or have lost loved ones through vaccine injuries.
      3. Personal testimonies of nurses and undertakers.
      4. A discussion of how we can fight back and prevent ourselves being bumped off.
      5. Natural strategies to prevent death if you have been jabbed.

      Here is one of the comments on youtube:

      “I’m an nhs worker. The amount of people coming in through A and E for ultrasound is crazy!. Ultrasound, to check for blood clots!! The amount of people taken to wards, covid positive, are double jabbed. I will never take it. They will have to sack me! Always wanted to be an embalmer, so hard to find someone to take me on though. Thanks for this video!”
      Here is John being interviewed by Reiner

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      Chris Parkinson

      Vaccine Death Report

      Dr. Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR test: “No infection or illness can be diagnosed with the PCR tes.”

      Read “The Spartacus Letter”PDF attached. 41 pages with everything you need to know about the scam except for details of how it could have been over in 5 minutes just by distributing a year’s supply of vitamin d: 5,000 i.u.s for healthy adults, 10,000 i.u.s for over 60’s and those with existing conditions and 15,000 i.u’s for the obese and high dose vitamin c intravenous for acute infections.

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