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Urgent: Amazing Polly please read

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URGENT – Amazing Polly please read

Polly’s eye sight problems – poison?

I tried posting this on the comments on your latest video on rumble but I’m being told the post is too long. So I’ve put a link in the comment to this blog post. Note: I am not a doctor. Run this past an orthomolecular or naturopathic physician. I may have an overreactive imagination but I would rather err on the side of making myself look ridiculous. Let’s not kid ourselves. The mob is in charge and they will send spooks to shut us up. We don’t want to lose you!

I’m reading about your eyesight problems on your website and I’m comparing how you look in your latest video to earlier ones. (You still look beautiful). I think you may have been poisoned. There is a general antidote to every kind of toxin. It’s high dose vitamin c.   Read Dr. Levy’s book. Curing the Incurable. See page 454. Your eyesight problems may be due to something else of course, maybe genetic.  It may simply be caused by vitamin d deficiency (very common in Canadians) vitamin d deficiency/macular degeneration: study Do you supplement with vitamin d?  If not, you should and that may be the answer. Start off with a vitamin d “hammer” megadose of 50,000 i.u.’s then take 10,000 i.u.’s  for a few months then go down to 5,000 i.u.s.  Take vitamin k2 as well. You may have a vitamin d receptor genetic  polymorphism but if you don’t currently  supplement I would suspect a simple deficiency.

My high dose vitamin c recommendations to counter a suspected toxin can’t harm you. On the contrary, you will feel improved health and energy.  I take 12 grams a day of oral vitamin c  (see further on)  for my general health.

Could it be toxic dentistry?

Here is another thing which might be causing the problem and which you will never find out about from the medical profession or dentists because it’s been suppressed. Have you had root canal treatment or dental extractions?   Those things can cause a hidden infection.  In the case of a root canal bacteria can leak out and set up colonies in your body and can cause heart problems or arthritis.

Operation to scrape out the pus from cavitation

In the case of extractions bacteria can eat away the bone in your jaw and cause “cavitations” aka bone necrosis.  The bacteria become anaerobic and more virulent.  Toxins from the cavitations can leak out and cause all kinds of problems.  I’ve had 4 extractions and I think they are responsible for my hearing loss. Read:  Toxic Dentistry Exposed.   I will be making a video about toxic dentistry.  Healing the cavitations is fraught with problems.  a) You have to find one of the very rare dental surgeons who admits that there is such a thing as cavitations (only one in the UK) and b) Has an ultra sound machine called a “cavitat scanner” to locate them and then do surgery to scrape out the pus. c) The operation is not guaranteed to completely cure the infection and may have to be repeated.

How to heal the cavitation without surgery

Here is how I healed my own cavitations without surgery.  First I had a cavitat scan which cost me an arm and a leg.  Sure enough it showed I had cavitations. Every night for about a year I would line my jaw with savoy cabbage leaf.  See my article: Can cabbage leaf cure all ills?  In the morning I would spit out pus onto a paper plate. Eventually there was no more pus in the morning and I had another cavitat scan.  No more cavitations!  If you have a root canal the tooth has to come out and the socket cleaned up. This has to be done by a “biological dentist”.  Just leave the gap. Use the cabbage leaf cure to clean up any residual infection.

Vitamin C intravenous (IVC)

For the poisoning scenario the ideal would be to find a doctor or nurse who can administer vitamin c intravenous. Your best bet is to find an orthomolecular or naturopathic doctor who can do this. Find out what dose they propose. I think you need a minimum of 12 grams a day for 10 days. Page 454 “Curing the Incurable”.  “…Klenner (1971) asserted that in order to “bring about quick reversal” of both infections and toxic insults to the body, the initial vitamin c must be given intravenously, in doses ranging from 350 mg to 1,200 mg/kg body weight…”

Intravenous vitamin c
Intravenous vitamin c

Oral Vitamin C

I think it’s urgent to get some vitamin c into you as quickly as possible. Buy a kilo of vitamin c powder from Amazon or ebay. Start by taking 12 grams (2 table spoonfuls) a day vitamin c powder in a pint of water and take small sips around every 10 minutes. If you take too much you will get a loose bowel. That’s a sign you need to cut back a bit. I think 12 grams should be fine. That’s what I take. (I am very healthy).  Take more if it doesn’t give you a loose bowel.  “Titrate to bowel tolerance”

Lipospheric vitamin c

Another way of taking vitamin c is lipospheric aka liposomal vitamin c. (See liposome illustration. The vitamin c is in the middle.) This is almost as good as intravenous. It goes into your body by a different route to oral c. The dose of vitamin c is surrounded by fat and it goes into your lymph system instead of into your blood so it does not provoke a loose bowel. It’s a very efficient way of getting it into your cells. I think you could take up to 6 sachets of liposomal on top of the oral vitamin c. One every hour in a inch of water. Don’t stir it just swallow it down like swallowing a raw egg yolk.

Glutathione neutralizes toxins

Glutathione neutralizes and flushes out most toxins from the liver. Take N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) supplements to raise glutathione levels.
Page 121 to 123 of The Healing Nutrients Within.

Protect your liver and kidneys

You need to protect your liver and kidneys from the toxin as it is eliminated. Take some milk thistle to protect the liver cells. Then you need to stimulate bile to flush out the liver. I recommend making a pint of carrot juice. Juice a small amount of black radish with it as well. Black radish stimulates bile. Put a three quarters of teaspoonful of taurine in the juice. (Bile is made from taurine and cholesterol. ) I would also recommend putting half a tablespoonful of Nigella Sativa oil and half a tablespoonful of flax seed oil in the juice as well. (NS cures all ills). Make the juice twice a day. This juice will also get the maximum of vitamin a into you without toxicity.

Coffee enema?

If you want to be really thorough, learn how to do a coffee enema. But I think the juice will do it.

Glutathione neutralizes and flushes out most toxins from the liver. Take N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) supplements to raise glutathione levels.

Page 121 to 123 of The Healing Nutrients Within.

Here are my juicing recipes.
Intro (Mark II juice)/ The studies:

Mark II juice: making it:

Mark 1 hypernutrition juice; the studies:

Mark 1 hypernutrition juice: making it:

All Canadians are vitamin d deficient. Take 5,000 i.u’s. at least.

The medical profession is lying to us

I am not a doctor.

PS. Dear Polly. Can you amp up the sound on your videos? I have hearing difficulties. I watched the video on the Global Health Mafia Racket on Youtube with subtitles. Superb! Now they’ve taken you off (they will take me off soon) I struggle with the sound on Bitchute and rumble.