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“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”

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Can Reiner Fuelmich pull it off? So called “Scientific Medicine” is really Frankenstein medicine controlled by the New York banks and Wall Street. All practising allopathic doctors, even the covid dissidents, are franchisees of this corrupt paradigm. But Reiner will have to rely on doctors as expert witnesses and “For every Phd there is an equal and opposite Phd”.

Who is Reiner Fuelmich?

Reiner Fuelmich is a German lawyer who is preparing class actions against the perpetrators of the cornonavirus scam. Will Reiner prevail? There now follows some unqualified speculation by a health nut and conspiracy theorist.

Is there a just God?

If there is a just God he will let it be so. How sweet it would be if the billions Gates and the Rockefellers have suckered out of us for their ghastly, unnecessary vaccines were used to compensate:

  1. those who have lost livelihoods and businesses due to the lockdowns
  2. the families of those killed by the vaccines
  3. those maimed by the vaccines
  4. those who died from the wrong treatment in Intensive Care Units.

In Europe and the US, vaccine manufacturers are indemnified against being sued of course. So does Reiner have something up his legal sleeve for 2 and 3?  In India there is no such indemnity at the time of writing although Moderna and Pfizer are lobbying for it. I believe that the “second wave” which started in March 2021 in India was caused by the vaccine roll out. Professor Dolores Cahill drew attention to this University of Texas 2012 study on mice:

Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus Tseng et al

“..These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated….”

Ivermectin works
The data which proves that ivermectin works to prevent infection has been available in India from the outset. My exclusive reports on coronavirus in Indian states shows that

  • Uttar Pradesh has one of the lowest mean serum levels of vitamin d of all the Indian states. At 17 ng/ml this is severely deficient per Professor Holick.
  • Yet it has the second lowest rate of infection of all 36 states and Union Territories. Why? Because only in Uttar Pradesh was ivermectin distributed widely and intensively as a prophylactic from the start .
  • My data on the Indian states shows that the 2 states with the highest mean serum vitamin d levels , (Bihar: 30 ng/ml – sufficient, Madya Pradesh: 37 ng/ml – highly sufficient) had the lowest and third lowest infection rates respectively.

So based on serum vitamin d levels alone, Uttar Pradesh should have had one of the highest infection rates. Thanks to an enlightened, competent and pro-active BJP majority state government and ivermectin it didn’t. So I think there is definitely some scope for the Indian Bar Association to start a class action against the Indian vaccine manufacturers ( Gates and the Rockefellers will surely be major shareholders) if it can be proved that a) they knew vaccines were not necessary because ivermectin is safe, cheap and effective to prevent infection and b) knew that the vaccines would have the same effect as the University of Texas study on mice. If they didn’t know, why not? Not to read the medical literature constitutes negligence doesn’t it? (Can someone tell Reiner to look at my study on the Indian states and UT’s?)

Reiner will have to defeat the mob

Reiner is a fine lawyer (and also a fine human being from what I can see) and on the face of it his case seems to be open and shut.  But this is not just a simple case of leaking breast implants. The CDC, the NIH and the FDA in the US,  the NHS in the UK and and all the public health institutions throughout the world and the WHO as well as governments and big tech social media have all been complicit in this scam. Gates has corrupted and controlled them all. But Gates is just a high profile Johnny come lately.

Rockefeller Medicine

Rockefeller Medicine is controlled by the Rockefellers and has been since 1910 when they started to endow all the medical schools. It was part of their strategy to create a new monopoly after oil and swap ownership for control of their money using philanthropy to avoid the newly introduced federal income tax. At the same time they took hidden, controlling stakes in all the drug companies. The problem is that “the fix is in” and all the players always make sure that they have plausible deniability. Let me explain.

A health nut’s perspective
I’m a 70 year old health nut. With the advent of the internet 20 years ago, all the information I needed became accessible. What information? All the knowledge I needed to delay my inevitable rendez-vous with the grim reaper as much as possible. (Is it inevitable?) Every book ever written available on amazon and every article ever to appear in an English language medical journal for the past 120 years on the online library of congress medical database aka pubmed. I have not read them all obviously. Just the ones that interested me and that I thought I needed to read. Still, lots and lots. I make videos and blog on my website about the Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet which a French professor used to put 91 chronic diseases into remission, vitamins, nutritional therapy, vitamin d and  sun and tanning bed exposure, therapeutic hyperthermia, herbs, hypernutrition (juicing), amino therapy, fasting etc, etc, All the things you need to know about in order to avoid the rotten, corrupt GSK controlled NHS and live a long, healthy, disease free life.

Frankenstein medicine

You see, here’s the thing. “Scientific medicine” is not scientific. It’s really Frankenstein medicine. Sure, every day, all over the world thousands of mice and rats are being tortured, “euthanised” and dissected and made into microsope slides. Thousands of Phd’s are beavering away producing studies which are written up, peer reviewed and then published. Taken as a whole though, all the studies prove that the Rockefeller “drugs and vaccines only” paradigm is bankrupt and that for every drug there is a more effective and safer vitamin, mineral, herb or foodstuff. Not to mention cheaper. But the Rockefellers and now Rockefeller/Gates controlled medical establishment simply ignore the studies which are not convenient or use revolving door pre-bribes to get their stooges in the medical profession to produce rigged, “debunking” studies. So Rockefeller “drugs and vaccines only” medicine just keeps stumbling forward, unstoppable, like Frankenstein’s monster.

1913 – Federal income tax introduced. Same year Rockefeller foundation established. Tax free philanthropy. The “ju jitsu turnaround”

Rockefeller “scientific” medicine dates from 1913 when they started to finance American medical schools based on the recommendations of the 1910 “Flexner report”. It’s really a nineteenth century model – “the germ theory of disease”. No-one knew what viruses or vitamins were in 1910. Most vitamins were discovered in the 1930’s and it soon became apparent that most diseases were caused by vitamin deficiencies. Did this result in a revolution in medicine? No! It’s still a “pill for an ill”.

Suppression of natural remedies

Let me give you just 2 examples only, for the sake of brevity, of natural substances which are being suppressed because they are competitors to drugs and vaccines.

1. Vitamin c kills viruses among dozens (hundreds?) of other therapeutic effects

Dr. Klenner and Polio

Around the time that the Rockefellers heard about Fleming’s discovery of penicillin (1928) and started producing it in huge vats (1938), Jungeblut (Colombia University NY 1937) found that vitamin c inactivated the polio virus in vitro. He then infected monkeys with polio and injected them daily with vitamin c. In the control group 5% survived without paralysis and in the vitamin c treated group 32% survived without paralysis. Note that he was only injecting them with what we would now consider to be minute amounts of vitamin c, between 5 and 100 micrograms. (I take 12 grams a day in a pint of water, with small sips taken every hour).

A small dose of vitamin c is ineffective

Dr. Fred Klenner in Reidsville Indiana in 1948 published a paper showing that he had successfully treated 48 cases of viral pneumonia with high doses of vitamin c. In 1949 he published a paper showing that he had seen 60 cases of polio and successfully treated every single one with high dose vitamin c. Between 6 and 20 grams in 24 hours. “…When proper amounts are used, it will destroy all virus organisms…” “…Don’t expect control of a virus with 100 to 400 mg of C….” Did this make the New York Times front page? What do you think? Klenner’s articles are still buried. The titles of the papers are visible on pubmed. But that’s all. Fortunately his articles can be found elsewhere if you know how to look .

Defective polio virus causes polio

In April 1955, 200,000 children were injected with the first, defective, polio vaccine. It caused 40,000 cases of polio. 200 children had various degrees of paralysis and 10 died.

The New Zealand farmer brought back from the dead

In 2010 a New Zealand farmer named Alan Smith with swine flu was in an intensive care unit (ICU) on life support. His lungs showed “white out” on x ray and were no longer functioning. The doctors notified the family that they were about to switch off the ECMO which was keeping him alive in suspended animation. (An ECMO is a machine which takes blood through a canula attached to a vein or artery, oxygenates it and returns it to the patient via another canula. See my report on coronavirus in Bihar to see how ECMO’s were used instead of lung ventilation with incredible results.)

Hospital claims “turning him over” responsible

Smith’s family didn’t want the machine to be switched off. They wanted him to be given high dose vitamin c intravenous. The doctors agreed in order to humour the family because they thought he was going to die anyway and gave him 25 grams of vitamin c intravenous. Result? His lungs cleared and he started to breathe on his own again. According to the hospital this was because he was turned over into a prone position. This is a very short version of the story. You can see more about it in a “60 minutes” youtube made by an Australian broadcaster or watch my 2 hour bitchute video (removed from youtube – running order here) on the 2 “natural vaccines” which kill covid-19. (google “Alan Smith New Zealand farmer + vitamin c” or use the link at the bottom to watch my bitchute video.)

Marik prototol and Fowler protocol prevent deaths from pneumonia

In intensive care units, from 2014 onwards, in 2 different hospitals in Virginia, USA, Drs. Fowler and Marik give high dose vitamin c intravenous to patients with pneumonia, sepis and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Given early enough intubation is not necessary. Both Dr. Fowler and Dr. Marik’s protocols were picked up and studied as randomized, double blind trials in 2 different multi centre studies where the usual shenanigans went on to rig the trials and “debunk” the protocols. You can see this discussed in my bitchute video (running order here). Lesson: the more impressive and expensive a trial is and the more doctors and “centres” are involved, the more likely it is to be rigged, especially if the study is peer reviewed and published in the journal of the american medical association.

(Discussed in my blog article: “How the covid scam could be over in 5 minutes‘)

Dr. Marik’s protocol for severe covid infection

Meanwhile, Dr. Marik leads a group of 10 physicians in various different hospitals in the US and 11 worldwide who apply his protocol for covid patients called MATH + presenting to emergency rooms (ER) with covid-19. The network is called the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

The FLCCC is at the forefront of the battle for recognition of the effectiveness (“efficaciousness” in medical speak) of ivermectin as a prophylactic and early treatment. Dr. Marik led 2 deputations to the Trump White House. His recommendations were ignored. Drs. Marik and Cory of the FLCCC must surely be 2 of the most important witnesses for Reiner Fuelmich’s class action.

Note: the MATH + protocol includes 12 grams of vitamin c intravenous per 24 hours. The “December 2019 Shanghai experts consensus” article recommends up to 18 grams. Discussed in my 2 hours bitchute video. These are conservative doses. Why not give 50 grams or even 100 grams? Also discussed in my bitchute video. (running order here)

2. Vitamin d stimulates the body’s own anti- microbials to kill viruses and other pathogens, particularly in the lungs

Cathelicidins kill covid-19

This has been known about for the past 10 years. Cathelicidins are one of the anti-microbials. They kill enveloped viruses. Covid-19 is an enveloped virus.

Vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every chronic disease including cancer.
It has also been known for the past 10 years at least that vitamin d deficiency is implicated in every single chronic disease. In other words, if your mean serum vitamin d level is 40 ng/ml or higher you are very unlikely to have a disease or be overweight. If you do have a condition, supplement with vitamin d until you have reached 40 ng/ml and you will reverse it. (order a finger prick test online). This is why the medical profession, including the Mayo clinic, the US Institute of Medicine, the CDC, the NIH, the UK NHS, the WHO and public health bodies around the world are lying to you about sun exposure and melanoma to keep you out of the sun so that you remain deficient, diseased and dependent on doctors and their drugs and vaccines. Sun exposure on your skin produces vitamin d. Vitamin d prevents melanoma and all the other cancers. The US RDA for vitamin d is 600 i.u’s. The UK NHS RDA is 400 i.u’s. These doses would just about prevent rickets in a 3 year old. The medical profession is lying to us.

 60 serum vitamin d studies

There is a  a gif  on my website with excerpts from 60 studies from around the world. (This is only a small selection – there are far more available on pubmed). In each study the mean vitamin d serum levels of patients with a particular disease are compared to healthy controls of a similar sex, age and ethnicity. In every study the patients had much lower levels than the controls. For my study on coronavirus in Indian states I found an observational study by Padhi et al where the authors had collected all these kinds of studies for all the Indian states and Union Territories. In some states there were as many as 8 of these kinds of studies. Most states have severely deficient serum vitamin d. From around 13 ng/ml in Maharashtra. A few states are merely deficient. Only 4 states are sufficient or highly sufficient. The problem in India is too much sun. It’s too hot to go out in the part of the day when UVB rays which produce vitamin d are hitting the earth. People go out in the morning or evening when there are only non vitamin d producing UVA rays.

UK means serum vitamin d level remains unknown. This is the mob’s work!

So I know exactly what the mean serum vitamin d level is for almost every Indian state or Union Territory. What the hell is the vitamin d level for the UK?  Impossible to find out! I can find only one review for the UK and it’s some derivative waffle about how obese people are vitamin d deficient (no shit Sherlock) and are they obese because they are deficient or are they deficient because they are obese? (How about both?) No actual serum measurements of vitamin d were taken. So I can only guess what the actual level is in the UK. The most deficient and third hardest hit by the rona state in India is Maharashtra with 13 ng/ml. Let’s compare their results up to March 13th 2021 to the UK’s results.

Maharashstra. Infection rate: 1 in 55/  death rate among infected: 1 in 43/  Cumulative death rate: 1 in 2,343

UK Infection rate:
1 in 16/ death rate among infected: 1 in 34/  Cumulative death rate: 1 in 544   (Note: these official figures are baloney.  See further on.)

Judging by these results I would estimate that the mean serum vitamin d level of UK citizens is  much less than a severely deficient 13 ng/ml. I’m guessing that it’s profoundly deficient. Probably less than 10 ng/ml. How about 8 ng/ml?

“..Most experts agree that 25(OH)D of more than 20 ng/ml is considered to be vitamin D deficiency whereas a 25(OH)D of 21-29 ng/ml is considered to be insufficient. The goal should be to maintain both children and adults at a level of more than 30 ng/ml to take full advantage of all the health benefits that vitamin D provides…” (Professor Holick – 570 peer reviewed, authored or co-authored articles on vitamin d since 1980).

(See my vlog article: “The medical profession is lying to us“)

Here is an excerpt from a letter to the British Medical Journal dated 15 October 2020 from Robert A. Brown,  a researcher.  I suggest printing it off in case you or a relative is hospitalised with severe covid or flu symptoms.  Highlight the following section and present it to the admission staff.  Tell them that you will be sending a copy to your MP.

“…Collectively, studies strongly suggest essential prohormone-and-nutrient vitamin D, is a far more effective potential basal COVID-19 treatment, than any additive pharmaceutical available to date.  Pharmaceuticals and vaccines are ultimately appreciated adjuncts, to meeting essential evolutionary biological nutrient intake imperatives.

Immediately testing of all COVID-19 hospital patient admissions for vitamin D, and supplementing where necessary, according to established NICE guidelines,[83] would provide time for new protocol, RCT-clinical-trials.

Thus, there is every reason to ‘D’ test hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Arguably, not to do so, in light of study outcomes to date, risks negligence. Judges, if asked, may take a broad-view in weighing evidence…..”

No wonder we are being slaughtered by a stupid virus which would not even infect a healthy, vitamin d sufficient person, let alone kill them. (Are we actually being slaughtered?  Excess deaths for 2020 in the UK are equal to double the road traffic accidents and deaths. It’s a phoney, engineered  crisis  with an engineered virus). But there are no healthy citizens in the UK. Because of our profound vitamin d deficiency and poor dietary habits.

The power equation can be easily reversed
At the moment they have all the power and we have none because they manage to suppress this information. For example my video on vitamin c and d for coronavirus was first posted on youtube. It was immediately removed. Do we need to make some lamp post decorations? No. We just need to spread the knowledge about vitamin c and vitamin d and the power relationship can be reversed. It’s us who will then have the power and they will have none. The first step is to stop using google. My website on the Seignalet diet is 2nd in the results for “Seignalet” on all the other search engines whereas it’s on the 5th page of google. The excellent alternative health website “Health Impact News” is completely suppressed and nowhere to be seen on google search results.

The covid scam was well rehearsed

18 months after the event and thousands of articles “debunking” the claim that it was man made, it’s now universally acknowledged that the virus came from a lab, not the wet market and that Fauci financed its manufacture with US tax dollars and questionable legality. Some of us knew this already from day one without needing to read Fauci’s emails to confirm. How long will it be before we find out that it was deliberately released?

Fauci’s plausbile deniability ploy

Fauci took care of course to put on record in a paper in 2012 that there was a risk that a lab manufactured, gain of function virus could leak and cause a pandemic but that it was “worth the risk” so that he would have plausible deniability. Gates has spent the last few years getting his ducks lined up for this pandemic scare. My money is on an animal being deliberately infected then put on sale in the wet market. In my opinion Reiner should look at Amazing Pollly’s video on the global public health mafia & look closely at the Chinese American Dr. Victor Dzau, president of the US NGO the national academy of medicine, (ex- federal Institute of Medicine).
But this is just the latest in a series of manufactured pandemics dating back to the 1918 Spanish Flu. I have made youtube videos about all of them.

(By the way, the black death probably happened because our medieval ancestors had no way to preserve vegetables for the winter and all had sub clinical scurvy. See my youtube video on how Poland escaped the black death because the Poles knew how to make vitamin c rich sauerkraut for the winter and see the comment from an Oxford pulmonologist and researcher who says that my theory is “spot on”.)

  • 1918 Spanish flu killed between 50 and 120 million people world wide according to who you believe. It was started by an experimental Rockefeller meningitis virus made in horses given on a US army base. They were making gallons of the stuff and sending it to lots of different countries. There is a great deal more to uncover about this story. I hope to do that if I don’t get bumped off before.
  • 1976 Swine flu fiasco in the US. The evidence for a pandemic was not just flimsy it was non existent! New York Times: “The Flu that never was”. Nelson Rockefeller was the unelected Vice President at the time. Was this coincidental? The spector of the Spanish flu was used to panic people into getting vaccinated. 45 million got the shot before they called a halt. Adverse effects? 450 people with Guillain-Barré syndrome. Paralysis. Some recovered, some didn’t. Some died. I think this was used as a dry run for the 2008 and 2019 panics.
  • 2009 Swine flu hoax It turned out to be a mild flu. This time it was orchestrated by insiders at the WHO by changing the definition of a pandemic and making it into a world wide panic. 4 different vaccines were used. Each vaccine had its own adverse effects. The UK Glaxo Smith Kline’s experimental vaccine “Pandemrix” caused Narcolepsy. A life long disability. Again, the spector of the Spanish flu was used to panic people into getting the shot. 10 billion dollars of profits for the drug companies.

The Covid scam – competing narratives

  • The mob. Dzau, Fauci, Gates, Ferguson and cronies, corrupt narrative that unless 100% of the population is innoculated with experimental, dangerous vaccines which don’t provide much protection anyway & have already killed and injured thousands, covid-19 will be infecting us forever. According to them the virus has already mutated and even more infectious and dangerous mutations are on the way and might kill us all. There are no viable therapeutic alternatives to the vaccines. We must all wear masks forever and social distance. In this narrative it’s necessary to deliberately soup up viruses in a laboratory to make them hyper infectious and dangerous because we can. So that we can study them. This is what “science” should be all about. The mob controls governments, mainstream media, tech social media and particularly – public health institutions.
  • The dissidents. Mainly Dr. Marik and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. According to this narrative, hydroxychoroquine, an anti-malarial drug can be given as a prophylactic and as a treatment for early stage infection. See my reports for Indian states. Doctors in the state of Kerala had miraculous results in preventing mortality among the infected using hydroxychloroquine and the Cuban drug Interferon Alpha for cytokine storm. To March 9th 2021, 1 in 250 infected died. The second lowest mortality in India. Compare this to the UK where 1 in 34 infected died. (See my reports for all Indian states and UT’s).The dissidents are now overwhelmingly proning the repurposed anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as a prophylactic and early stage treatment in preference to HCQ. Uttar Pradesh was using this from the start and they had the second lowest infection rate of 36 states and UT’s despite a severely deficient mean serum level of 17 ng/ml. Dr. Marik’s MATH + protocol for those presenting to the ER includes 12 grams of vitamin c intravenous. The doctors in his alliance says that if given early enough, the c intravenous prevents the need for intubation etc. Drs. Kory and Marik of the FLCCA have made many youtube videos on these subjects.
  • The alarmists. These are doctors and professors who predict that the mRNA vaccines are highly dangerous and will cause serious injuries both in the short and long term, including sterility, auto-immune diseases and even mass deaths. They publish videos on the alternative video hosting sites. These are not nut jobs. They include Professor Luc Montagnier, given the Nobel prize for the discovery of the Aids retro virus and Professor Dolores Cahill. Montagnier says it’s “impensable” (unthinkable) to continue vaccinating.
  • The creeps. Doctors and Phd’s who write phoney, “debunking’ studies and reviews in return for future lucrative positions in drug companies and public health institutions.(“revolving door”)
  • Orthomolecular and Naturopathic physicians  Linus Pauling 1968: “….Orthomolecular medicine is the restoration and maintenance of health through the administration of adequate amounts of substances that are normally present in the body….”Dr. Thomas Levy:“….failing to assert the validity of a true cure for a medical condition is just as detrimental to the health of an ailing patient as it is promoting a false cure. Many doctors know of highly beneficial treatments that cure or vastly improve medical conditions that are little affected by traditional therapies. Yet, fear of license revocation for telling the truth about inexpensive and natural therapies that cannot be protected by patents keeps most health care practitioners from promoting those beneficial therapies. Nothing is ever embraced, and seemingly not even permitted, that would take away large profits from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and even many of the doctors themselves. Whenever you are absolutely stupefied and cannot figure out why a valuable treatment is not being used, just take the time to identify, expose, and analyze the money trail that is involved with the prescription drugs and/or overall treatment protocol that would be displaced. The reason for the avoidance or suppression of that therapy will then become apparent…
  • The plandemic conspiracy theorists. I count myself among them. The virus was deliberately released. The pandemic kills several birds with one stone. The drug companies make billions of dollars of profits of course. The world economy crashes. The 0.01 percent can buy up the world’s assets at knock down prices. They can finance the trillion dollar national deficits at the stroke of a pen. There is no risk because this is government debt and will be repaid by increased taxes. But there may be a more sinister, depopulation agenda. As far as the 0.01 percent are concerned most of us are surplus to requirements. We are now easily replaced by robots. We are just cluttering up the place. If the alarmists are correct and the mRNA vaccines will result in mass deaths in the near future and produce infertility in the vaccinated – that would explain the increasing pressure to vaccinate everyone, particularly the young, so that a new generation can’t replace those killed by the vaccines.

Ray Kurzweil’s prediction – soon we can live forever

It occurs to me that the 0.001 percent probably believe Ray Kurzeil’s prediction that due to the continuing exponential increase in biomedical knowledge we will soon be able to live forever. (This is why I’m so interested in doing everything I can to preserve my health). The 0.01 percent will want to keep this for themselves. They will not want the rest of us living forever.

Excerpt from the bernician dot com:
The following statements, which were made in 1981 by powerful international banker and unapologetic eugenicist, Jacques Attali, are taken from Interviews with Michel Salomon – The Faces of the Future, Seghers edition, which was published in France by Emi Lit when Attali was a senior adviser to French President, Francois Mitterand:

“In the future, it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones.

Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good.

Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to run intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

Speculation on the difficulties Anwalt Reiner Fuelmich will face:

From watching some of his video “hearings” and interviews I can see that Reiner knows that he is up against the mob and has no illusions. It seems that he is going to focus mainly on how the global public health mafia, particularly the WHO, orchestrated the panic and lied to us about potential treatments so that we were all screaming to be vaccinated. Two central planks in his argument will be that the PCR test is a crock that generates false positives and that effective treatments like HCQ and ivermectin were deliberately suppressed. In other words this was a phoney panic.  Just a rerun of the 1976 and 2009 hoaxes.

Ivermectin – open and shut case

There is now a huge amount of evidence that ivermectin is an effective prophylactic and early stage treatment. (See my report on coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh in 2020.) The WHO has deliberately lied about ivermectin. Easy to prove. A lot of the doctors who are on the dissident bandwagon will probably run for cover when the hearings start in earnest. But he only needs one credible expert witness. Dr. Pierre Corey looks like the front runner for that post in my opinion. The mob will find a creep of course who will point to phoney, rigged studies and reviews which purport to show that it’s not so effective and has side effects. Dr. Corey should easily win that argument.

The mob will use the example of the UK as a counter argument. On the face of it this looks like a winner for the mob. Let’s look at the statistics until March 9th 2020.
1 in 16 infected. I expect Reiner will say that most of them were phoney, pcr test generated false positives. So it will be important to get some data on that. The go to guy in the UK will be Dr. Malcolm Mckendrick an NHS GP. This is his conclusion at the end of his analysis on his blog:

“….Politicians and Health Officials are basing their numbers of cases entirely on the results of these tests, which are not fit for this purpose.

They are then using these figures to terrorise the population, and to justify decisions to impose local lockdowns, and increase nonsensical general restrictions which are having a massive impact on people’s lives and their health, and also on the economy, particularly hitting small businesses hard….”

To march 2009: Death rate among the infected in the uk: 1 in 34. Again, on the face of it this looks like a winner for the mob.

Annual deaths in the UK

2017 533,253
2018 541,589
2019 530,841
2020 608,002

There appears to be 77,000 excess deaths in 2020. Are these deaths all due to covid-19? To put the figure into perspective, 23,486 were killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents in 2020. Let’s assume that all of these excess death were due to covid-19. The uk population is 67 million. That figure divided by the excess deaths means your chances of dying of covid-19 in the UK in 2020 were 1 in 868,000 or about twice as likely to die or be seriously injured in a road traffic accident.

It’s probable that many of those excess deaths were caused simply by lack of care. More people dying from cancer because they were missing radiotherapy appointments or dying of heart attacks because they were afraid of going to hospital. We know that people simply stayed away from hospitals. A & E attendences were down by around 50%. I needed to go to my local hospital twice last year to get batteries for my hearing aids. Both times it was like the Marie Celeste.

So on what planet do those figures justify spending billions of our tax money on dangerous, untested vaccines and wrecking the economy?

Reiner says: “ We will win”. I think he will.

Who will Reiner be suing?

The number one target must surely be Gates. His fingerprints are all over this. Is this why he is divorcing his wife? So that she gets half his fortune for safe keeping?

It will be interesting to see if the alarmists are correct and people start to die or be injured from the vaccinations in large numbers or if people become sterile. Time is on the side of the class action.

Whitty, Hancock, Sunack, Johnson and the whole of the Sage committee must be sued for misconduct in public office. Prison terms must surely be appropriate.

In the meantime we can all do something to protect ourselves from the mob. Take adequate vitamin d supplements until our vitamin d blood serum reaches 40 ng/ml. I suggest taking 4,000 ng/ml to start with, together with vitamin k2 to make sure it ends up in the right places. 8,000 or 12,000 if you have an existing condition, are over 60 or are overweight. Medichecks do a home finger prick test which costs £40.
Keep supplementing and testing until you have found the daily dose that keeps your level at over 40 ng/ml (highly sufficient.) You will then be able to avoid the NHS like the plague!

Chris Parkinson blogs and vlogs about the Seigalet (pronounce it “Saynalay”) diet which a French professor of medicine used to put 91 chronic “incurable” diseases into remission.

He has made a 2 hour video about how vitamin d and vitamin c are the only vaccines you need for covid-19 or any other virus. See the running order of the video here:

The WHO and the medical profession are lying to us about vitamin d to make sure we remain deficient and dependent on their filthy drugs and vaccines. Substantiation here:

How India beat the Coronavirus in 2020 with Ayurvedic medicine and blew it with the vaccine roll out. Here.

Reports for coronavirus in each Indian state (28) and Union Territory (8) to 9th March 2021. There are many scoops! Here.

Dr Reiner Fuelmich Gives Live Update At London Freedom Rally July 2021

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