The hideous Gates/Rockefeller medicine hybrid

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John D. Rockefeller junior
John D. Rockefeller junior

What made Bill Gates rich?

What has made Bill Gates rich. Is it a high IQ?  Creativity?  No.  His one supreme ability is to see all the angles. He is a psychopath. He has no culture nor empathy and no conscience. He must win at all costs. As Steve Jobs said, “He has no taste”.  His business philosophy is ruthless opportunism and imitation of others’ successful business models (not a crime).

Gates sees us all as mugs

Never give a sucker an even break. Who in their right mind buys a MS pc? He discovered that when a virus crashed all the pc’s running MS, sales of MS skyrocketed as people replaced their now useless machines. Cue the “vulnerability” patches which showed the hackers which vulnerability to exploit. Endless waves of viruses and malware and endless waves of sales of new pc’s and ms windows.

The Apple mac solution to Gates’ viruses

Finally people caught on and realised that Norton anti virus with its conflicts was not the answer. The solution was the clean running, virus free Apple mac built with a completely different philosophy, that of design excellence.

Rockefeller/Gates medicine – a hideous hybrid

So the great imitator looked around for another get even richer scheme to exploit. Just as he had parasitised IBM he now decided to parasitise the Rockefeller foundation scam so he could avoid paying taxes and use his foundation to increase his wealth even further. Is it Gate’s aim to cure the world’s diseases? No! His aim is to increase his wealth and vaccines are the greatest money spinners and also provide the perfect alibi to pose as a do gooder. Only one problem. The Rockefellers got there before him. So just as he stole IBM’s business he has allied himself with the Rockefellers and stolen their copybook. The Rockefeller medicine franchise is now the Rockefeller/Gates franchise. Doctors are the franchisees.

Vitamins d and c – the Apple mac to Gates’s vaccine scams

So what is the Apple mac to this hideous hybrid? It’s vitamin d. Just as animals have their own internal medicine in the form of vitamin c which they can produce from glucose, we have our own internal medicine in the form of vitamin d which we can get from the sun hitting our skin. (Or as our descendants moved out of Africa, before their skin could adapt, from eating copious amounts of salmon, so easy to catch during the spawning season in winter).

Nature’s own medicine – vitamins c and d

When animals are ill they go and lie down somewhere and fast until they are well. The stress of illness stimulates the production of 10 times more vitamin c. Nature’s own medicine.

The 2 greatest medicines available to us are vitamin c and vitamin d. We no longer need to go out in the sun all day to either catch or forage or cultivate our food. So we are all severely vitamin d deficient. According to THE expert on vitamin d, Dr. Holick we need at least 30 ng/ml to be sufficient. The only way we can get the correct amount is sun or tanning bed exposure or supplementation. That’s why the Rockefellers have suppressed the vitamin c solution for 50 years and why they have instructed their medical puppets to lie to us about the amount of vitamin d we need and to scare us witless about going out in the sun so we remain deficient and diseased and dependant on their disease generating protocols.

There is no virus pandemic – only a vitamin d deficiency pandemic

There is no virus pandemic. Only a vitamin d deficiency pandemic. No-one with an adequate vitamin d level dies from coronavirus. Substantiation with articles in peer
peer reviewed medical journals.

The medical franchisees have been instructed to lie to us

The medical profession is lying to us. That includes so called “dissident doctors” who prone HCQ and Ivermectin. They are controlled opposition to keep us in the “drugs and vaccines” only Rockefeller medicine paradigm.
Substantiation with articles in peer reviewed medical journals:
The medical profession is lying to us

New spike in cases in the most vitamin d deficient Indian state

Coronavirus infections and deaths were just about over in India. New cases peaked in September and then went into free fall. According to the corrupt, globalist controlled media the reason is mysterious. Similar stories in China, Vietnam and Thailand. What do they all have in common? A ministry of traditional medicine. No mystery on my website. Note: there is a new spike in cases in India since 15th February. The spike comes entirely from the most vitamin d deficient state – Maharashstra. Average vitamin d level in serum 13 ng/ml. I am investigating state by state. Make sure you click on “allow notifications”
We tell you why coronavirus was over in India


Vitamin d deficient Maharashstra state
Vitamin d deficient Maharashstra state

The new spike in cases in India is all coming from the most vitamin d deficient and the most air poluted state: Maharashtra. Average serum level of vitamin d is 13 ng/ml