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Evening meal: Salad with protein

Chris’s version of the Seignalet diet, incorporating a principle from the Food Combining AKA Hayes diet:  Concentrated protein and concentrated carbohydrate are eaten as separate meals and never mixed.

The Seignalet diet AKA “ancestral diet” AKA ‘hypotoxic diet” is all about eating what our cavemen ancestors would have eaten. We have an image of cavemen roasting their meat on a fire but Seignalet thinks they ate raw, even fish and meat. He gives arguments for this in his chapter: “Cooking and its problems”  which I have translated from the French.

Is this image accurate?  Dr. Seignalet thinks not

Cavemen cooking meat on a fire
Caveman cooking meat on a fire

My protein evening meal is nearly always salad and some kind of protein, usually animal protein. Sorry vegans. Here are 2 very healthy, Seignalet legal, Food Combining legal lunchtime carbohydrate meals:

Heathiest lunches ever: 2 Buckwheat noodles with vegetables
Healthiest Lunch Ever: Grated vegetable starter then Macrobiotic brown rice

So now you have a basic suite of videos how to eat as healthy as possible. Do you want to look like Jeremy Clarkson at 58 or do you want to look like me at 70?

Next up will be a video on “Fats that heal, fats that kill”, explaining what all the different terms for oils and fats mean and which how to combine oils and fats for optimum health.

Also coming up: “Brain Food”. How prevent and reverse neurological disease with the right aminos and oils and I’m working on “genetic polymorphisms” for a new blog post.

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