How to Make Sauerkraut (1 in a series of 3)

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Please also watch the other 2 videos in this series: Part 1. The incredible healing and medicinal effects of cabbage leaf and sauerkraut  and  Part 3. Sauerkraut production: The bacterial progression

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Why make yet another video on sauerkraut?

There are dozens of very good videos on how to make Sauerkraut already so why bother to make another one?

Here are the reasons to watch mine in particular:

1. I use Sally Fallon’s recipe, using whey, which means you can use less salt. I show you how to make the whey.

2. Sauerkraut lasts for ages without needing to be put in the fridge and it improves over time. So I show you how to make large quantities using a mixer.

3. For the best tasting sauerkraut it needs to be made and stored at a certain ambient temperature. Too cold and the bacterial progression is halted, too hot and the bacterial progression takes place too fast and is unbalanced. (See my video “Sauerkraut no.2: the bacterial progression”) I show you how you can overcome these problems and make perfect sauerkraut in either a very cold or a very hot climate.

4. You can make sauerkraut with any kind of cabbage. I tell you why older men should eat red cabbage.

5. I show you how to wash your Kilner jar a) without boiling water cracking the glass and b) easily re-assemble the clips which hold the top on.

6. I show you a comfort food recipe you can make in 2 minutes. A health nut’s alternative to cheese on toast using sauerkraut. If you enjoyed my video please click on the thumbs up icon. I would love to read your comments and I may reply.  Click on subscribe and then notifications so you don’t miss my uploads.  Videos I’m working on next: Oils and fats, How to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases, Vitamin d receptor, bile production and folate metabolism genetic polymorphisms. How they could affect you and how to know if you have one.

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