covid jab
covid jab

Why you should not take the mRNA jab

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This comment by Recognizing_Truth  is stolen from the Breitbart comments section of the article  where  Mark Meadows discusses Fauci’s performance during the Trump presidency.

I take science (scientific discovery and empirical validation of claims and theories) very seriously. That’s why I will never accept the mRNA jab.

It is not a vaccine of any type and certainly not by any effect.

It is a cellular reprogramming shot, which teaches your cells how to make a protein foreign to the catalog of human proteins. This triggers an AUTOIMMUNE response – which is always dangerous – where your body attacks your cells that are making the bad protein. It never produces an IMMUNE response against the actual pathogen. AND because our bodies are designed to NOT engage in autoimmune activities, the effects (the antibodies developed against YOUR OWN CELLS – which is really what they’re measuring to claim “effectiveness”) are eliminated from your system rapidly (a matter of a few months). mRNA “boosters” re-charge the AUTOIMMUNE response (never an immune response against the actual pathogen virus) and the autoimmune antibody count goes up so they claim “effectiveness” again.

The more often you cause an autoimmune response, the more likely it is to remain and become an autoimmune DISORDER. (clots, cancers, myocarditis, pericarditis, organ disease, GBS, lupus, MS, etc. etc.)

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