Parliament Hill protest
Parliament Hill protest

Are we to become worker Ants?

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Comment by Robert Schubring on the Epoch Times article “The Chants of the Freedom Convoy”

Governments that own a central bank and a fiat currency create an ethics problem when they go into debt. They switch from a neutral regulator to a player with financial interests.
That’s been at the core of all public suspicion, giving rise to conspiracy theories on both the Left and Right. Governments consistently have hidden agendas, and that fact alone is incompatible with Democracy.

How are We, the People, to supervise our government from the ballot box, when it refuses to tell us what it does and why?We’d do better to throw darts at a board.

People are sick and tired of Mark Zuckerberg and other billionaire elitists trying to practice medicine without a license, by ruling on what is, or is not, “acceptable COVID information”.

We’ve been told that the sky is falling, repeatedly. Enough of us have survived the infection that we recognize an overreaction when we see one. Why we should throw cancer patients out of hospitals to keep empty beds available, for an infection that can be treated at home with cough medicine, has never been honestly explained to voters. Why hospitals reliably get paid for these emergency COVID services, but have no idea what Obamacare will pay them to treat a cancer patient, is an equally important detail that none of the billionaire elitists will discuss either. The biggest problem with billionaire tech elitists is they are clueless about technology and largely got rich by sheer luck. They have money to sway elections and news cycles, but they lack wisdom to govern. Until the censorship stops, their ignorance will worsen.

Churchill said it best in a 1935 essay on Totalitarianism, warning that Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia had built two anthill societies in which all the human worker ants obediently asked no questions…but human nature is that WE ARE NOT ANTS.

In totalitarian societies, the flow of knowledge is limited by the capacity of the rulers to understand it. The more demented the rulers got, the more fouled-up the countries got.

We are not about to become ants!

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