Chris’s Coconut cheese

Chris’s Coconut cheese

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This is not like the usual vegan imitation of dairy cheese which always seems to use tinned coconut milk and agar agar.

My recipe is not really an imitation of dairy cheese but is in a class of it’s own. Sui generis. My recipes always follow 2 principles:

a) to follow the Seignalett diet recommendations
b) to keep ingredients as close to raw and natural as possible

You could add garlic when making it and you can add some nutritional yeast flakes just before eating if you are really missing the taste of cheese. If adding garlic, use fresh garlic. Crush the garlic and leave it for 10 minutes before adding it. The medicinal miracle ingredient in garlic is allicin. This develops after 10 minutes when the protein allin and an enzyme called allinase combine. Note that the garlic may overwhelm the lovely coconut flavour somewhat but the fact of fermenting it makes it much more subtle.

The main interest for me in making the coconut cheese was to make a dairy free version of Budwig cream which is 6 tablespoonfuls of low fat quark blended with 3 tablespoonfuls of flax seed oil and 2 tablespoonfuls of flax seeds ground in a coffee grinder but you don’t have to go that far. The coconut cheese on its own is delicious.

The Budwig cream was developed in the 1950’s by German professor Johanna Budwig as a cure for cancer. Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel prize in Physiology in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cells have damaged respiration. As the cell becomes cancerous it is less and less able to use oxygen and in it’s final, aggressive form uses only fermentation. Dr. Budwig carried out research to find a solution to this problem and the Budwig cream is it. Her idea is that the damage to cellular respiration is caused by wrong fats in the diet, particularly trans fats and an imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 oils. Flax seed oil is rich in highly unsaturated omega 3 oils and blending it with the sulphur proteins in the quark makes an emulsion containing lipoproteins that cells can use to quickly repair their damaged outer membranes.

My idea was to adapt the Budwig cream to make a tonic for neurons which might help reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis using Nigella Sativa oil instead of the flax seed oil, ground Nigella seeds instead of flax seeds and coconut cheese with some added aminos to replace the quark.. It’s a bit of a faff to make but it makes a lot of delicious, nutritions coocnut cottage cheese.