Reiner' grand jury
Reiner’ grand jury

Reiner Fuelmich : Grand Jury of the Court of Public Opinion – All 6 sessions

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Thank God for Deutsche Gründlichkeit. I will be posting up links to all of the sessions. I have downloaded the youtube auto generated transcripts and have someone editing them and cleaning them up and I hope to post them up in the next few days. Some of the witnesses obviously have a couple of standard IQ deviations more  that myself (at least!)  and are pretty “full on”  so it’s hard to digest fully what they are saying without rewinding and watching several times. I think it will be easier to digest in a transcript. I will post up a picture, bio and link to their website for each witness and maybe a summary of what they say. I think it likely that youtube will remove the videos and I had problems finding good mirrors on alternative video sites so I’m having copies of them made and I will post up mirrors on my own rumble channel as a precaution in case they get taken down by youtube.

In the meantime here is an excellent summmary and commentary on the opening day’s proceedings by Alexadra Bruce:

Dr Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney who has won huge class action cases against Volkswagen and Deutsch Banke and who practices in both Germany and California has put together this Grand Jury trial in the Court of Public Opinion, or what he’s calling a “model proceeding,” based on the hundreds of expert witness testimonies he has taken over the past year.

I like to think of it as our Event 201, wargaming against the perpetrators of the fake pandemic, the death shot and the global coup d’état.

There are six figures in Fuellmich’s indictment: Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, BlackRock, Pfizer and Christian Drosten, who is the German virologist who was appointed to the European Commission’s advisory panel on COVID-19, and who was the one who first recommended the use of PCR tests.



Here is Alexandra’s summary and commentary on day 2, the historical background:


Philosopher, George
famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” but we have been propagandized and lied to about so much that “remembering” it may not be very useful. We could all use some courses on true history.

The first guest is Alex Thomson, who worked at GCHQ and who attended numerous meetings at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and who has an insider’s perspective on that Deepest part of the Deep State, which is British Intelligence and the aristocratic (and arguably Satanic) agenda that it represents, of which famous dynasties like the Rothschilds are just the front-of-the-house.


Here is day 3. The PCR test

Here is day 4 on my Rumble channel. I tried uploading to youtube but as I expected, it was immediately removed. All the versions on this page are mirrors of course. The originals can all be found on Odysee.

Here is Day 5. Economical & Financial Destruction:

Here is day 6.  Eugenics and Outlook

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