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The aims of this site are the following:

  1. To show you how to prevent and reverse disease and achieve vibrant health with my super charged version of the Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet.
  2. To expose the corruption in organised medicine and show how it is used to drain our finances,  keep us dependent on doctors, drugs and vaccines and generally control us.

Who is pulling the strings to make sure that we remain chronically ill and controlling our politicians, media and institutions?  Those are much wider questions which interest me greatly but which I don’t have time to do justice to on this site and which would divert me from my core focus and interest and I still have a day job.

So this section of my site is given over to other citizen journalists to help us fill in the blanks.

I welcome submissions for guest blogs from like minded citizen journalists. You can email me at with  your guest blog submissions.  If you want to evade the surveillance, post it up on or similar and put the link in a comment underneath.  I will delete the comment straight away.  I may get a PO box.

I will start the ball rolling by posting links to other sites which I think you should subscribe to:

Amazing Polly

In this video Polly exposes the global public health mafia and how they engineered the covid scam.  Super prolific Polly is truly amazing.  Make sure you subscribe to her channel and donate.

Here is her website.

Health Impact News (HIN)

Website. Don’t bother googling Health Impact News.  Google are not just shadow banning it like they do with my site and my youtube video,  they have totally deleted it from their search results.  What a great reference!  It tells you all you need to know about big tech and why you should subscribe to the HIN newsletter.  I had to search on swisscows to find it.  This is the go to site if you want to know the real story about the covid “vaccines” injuries and deaths.   Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter.  I found out about how the Rockefeller meningitis vaccine started the Spanish Flu pandemic on HIN.  Here is my video on the subject.

News of what the wokesters and the globalist mafia are up to in the UK.  Super investigative reporting written with corruscating wit.

Just in. Here is the big one!


“…Friends of the Original Constitution’s video exposing the FEDERAL GOVT as a fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government and introduces the Declaration of Restoration that calls for a Constitutional Convention & Court to prosecute the Defendants in We the People’s $500 Trillion Lawsuit: to get back our money, our health, our Liberty and the original Constitution that they have stolen from us; to re-found our government and base it on the Constitution. Now & Forever!


The Indian Bar Association sues the WHO

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